Home Safety Essentials

Every parent envisions bringing home baby from the hospital, but when the day finally comes, are you prepared? We all want to protect our children from potential injuries and hazards, especially when you have a new little one in the house. Babies are full of energy and curiosity, which means you need to be armed with the best tools possible to keep your little one safe.

Simple Baby Proofing Solutions

Creating a safe environment for baby is a crucial first step. Before you know it, your baby will be on-the-move so it is important to have the proper products to create a “safety zone.” Gates are an easy and simple solution helping to keep baby away from danger hot spots, such as stairs and doorways. The soft mesh material of the Soft & Wide™ Gate is baby-friendly, fits large doorways and comes with a convenient carrying bag for travel.

For the Active Baby

Are you concerned about helping to keep baby from the stairs? The Home Decor™ Stair Gate features a stylish wood frame that can be mounted for use at the top or bottom of the stairs. The gate also features discreet one-hand controls to keep little hands from releasing the lock position.

Fast, Easy and Convenient Options for the Busy Family

Are you a multi-tasking mama? The Memory Fit™ features a secure memory lock that remembers the size of your doorway to ensure a fast, proper fit every time. The easy-to-use handle makes traveling quick and easy for busy families who need to get out the door fast. A pressure-mount design requires no tools for installation and rubber bumpers help to prevent door and wall damage.

Parents who constantly have their hands full can rely on the Easy Walk-Thru™, which features a simple one-hand operation. Installation is easy with width extension that allows the gate to fit a variety of doorways, and pressure-mounted bumpers replace the need for tools. The gate swings in either direction, making it easy for busy families to maneuver.