Bonding is a natural and necessary process. Babies are primed to form a strong, emotional attachment to their mothers and fathers in the first few days and weeks after birth. Close, physical contact between a parent and child is the key to developing a strong bond.

But there is much in today's modern world that interferes with you and your baby spending quality time together. Short maternity leave, demanding careers and the general hustle and bustle of daily life can all interrupt the critical attachment your baby needs to develop with you. A Columbia University study found that of the babies carried in soft carriers during their first few months of life, 83 percent were securely attached to their parents a year later.

"A baby's social, emotional and physical development are significantly affected by exposure to human contact and motion," says Dr. Lise Eliot, Evenflo Safe Baby and Toddler Council development expert. "There's no better way to develop a close bond with your baby than by holding him close to you."

Evenflo soft carriers are designed to make holding your baby easier and taking him with you more convenient. Evenflo soft carriers can be worn by either parent on the front or back and are adjustable, helping you bond with your baby through his early life stages. As you keep your baby close to you in a Evenflo for long periods of time while keeping your hands free to do other things, your baby will learn to trust you, become eager to learn and begin developing heightened awareness of the world through motion.


Babies carried in soft carriers soon begin to understand the carrier to be a safe place and will quietly settle and become content. Providing your baby with this sense of security gives them the confidence to move on and explore the world around them.


When your baby feels secure tucked inside an Evenflo carrier close to your heart, he is spending time in a "quiet alert" state, which is optimal for learning. Studies have shown that babies in soft carriers develop enhanced visual alertness and awareness of their surroundings. Babies in carriers gain a greater understanding of the language and cultural environment as they are exposed to it for long periods of time.


Babies respond positively to sounds and motion. Whether placed in a rocking chair, swing or Evenflo soft carrier, the constant repetitive movement soothes your baby while helping him develop fine motor skills, object permanency and language and social development.