Experts always advise new parents of the importance of bonding with your infant. Dr. Tanya Altmann, Evenflo Safe Baby and Toddler Council parenting expert, recommends carrying your baby as much as possible, especially in the first few weeks after birth. Carrying your baby in a baby sling is a great way to develop the critical attachment that serves as the foundation for all of your baby's developing emotions. 

But today's parents are constantly on the go. Taking your baby with you, whether you're running errands, walking the dog or just picking up around the house, can be a challenge. Evenflo's soft baby carrier allows you to keep your baby close to you and your hands free during your baby's early life stages, helping to encourage healthy habits in your baby at an early age. 


"Most parents would do anything to give their babies a head start in life," says Dr. Altmann. "Taking your baby with you in a soft carrier helps promote bonding between you and your child, helps you get to know your baby better and may even help enhance your baby's cognitive skill development.”

Evenflo Baby Carriers and Bonding

Either parent can wear Evenflo soft baby carriers, with baby facing you or facing away. While your baby is nestled close to your familiar heartbeat as you move rhythmically though your day, he will learn to trust you and regard the Evenflo carrier as a safe place. When he is awake and alert, he will be ready to face the world and become open to outside stimulation. 

Many fathers have praised Evenflo baby slings, saying it helped them to form an intimate bond with their new baby by being close to him for long periods of time, whether sitting at a desk to work or watching a weekend football game.

Get to Know Your Baby

Keeping your baby close helps tune you in to your baby's non-crying communication signals. You will begin to understand exactly what your baby is telling you and what she needs and be able to respond immediately. This directly fits into the way babies learn to trust - by having their needs met without frustration and alarm.

Evenflo Baby Carriers May Enhance Mental Development

Researchers believe that babies who are carried in soft baby slings cry less; instead of fussing, babies are content and thus able to be more aware of the environment surrounding them. This state of "quiet alertness" makes babies more receptive to learning. Babies carried in Evenflo baby carriers are able to absorb the most from each experience. Whether you're making lunch, walking on the beach or visiting an art gallery, your baby will be up-close to the language and social environment of which they will soon be a part.

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