Early Child Development

Babies are eager to learn about the world around them. Every new shape, color, texture and sound is a fun learning activity. Below are some interesting facts about early child development that you may not know.

Did you know...

Babies can start imitating sounds at 7 months.

At 10 to 12 months, your baby starts learning through trial and error. 

At 4 to 6 months, your baby is very interested in small details.

Your baby at 10 to 12 months is learning how to search for hidden objects. Savvy Parents use the ExerSaucer’s play features to help teach this skill.

From 7 to 9 months, your baby is learning to master a pincer grip. Savvy Parents can help them develop this skill with the ExerSaucer.

Babies from 4 to 6 months begin to play with objects. Savvy Parents know the ExerSaucer gives babies plenty of stimulating toys to explore.

At 7 to 9 months, babies explore the physical properties of objects.

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