Evenflo believes exercise and safety go hand in hand. That’s why we’ve created a variety of ExerSaucers to help baby reach those important learning and developmental milestones. ExerSaucer toys promote learning in a fun, engaging and active way that’s also safe. Designed for infants from approximately four months to walking age, these ExerSaucers help baby develop motor skills, object exploration, cause/effect learning, self-awareness and hand-eye coordination. Take With Me Toys™ can be easily removed from ExerSaucers for fun and learning on the go. ExerSaucers are stationary activity centers that make it easy for Mom to watch over aby and keep baby safe. ExerSaucers allow baby to bounce, jump and rock in a safe and stationary activity center. Explore the following pages and discover why ExerSaucer activity centers are a great way for baby to exercise.

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