Freshen Up On Home Safety

If you are worried about how to keep your energetic children safe, Evenflo has a variety of home safety products to ensure your children remain safe without sacrificing their passion for play.

Looking for a Quick Decorating Update?

The Home Décor Stair™ Gate is a stylish option available in Harvest Oak or Natural Oak that suits any home. The gate features a one- latch release for easy of use, and mounted hardware helps to ensure a secure fit. For use at the top of the stairs, simply use the One- Direction Swing setting, or the gate can swing both ways for easy maneuverability.

For the Multitasking Mom

If you are concerned about gates blocking key entry points in your home, Easy Walk-Thru™ Gate is the perfect solution. This gate swings either way for easy walk through. Its modern appearance adapts to most decors, and it requires a simple, one- handed operation - ideal for parents who have their hands full. A width extension accessory allows the gate to expand and contract to fit most common door widths.

Fast Set Up and Take Down

If the warm spring weather has you on the move, you need a gate that can keep up with your family. The Soft & Wide™ Gate features “Safe n’ Soft” durable padded rails to help keep baby out of harm’s way. The lightweight, flexible design allows for easy folding, making it convenient for travel. Made out of sturdy mesh and easy-to-clean, stain resistant fabric, this gate is ideal for families on the go. Or try the Memory Fit™ with Memory Lock that remembers the size of your doorway between installations, saving time and helping to ensure a perfect fit. An easy-to-use handle makes moving the gate from place to place quick and simple. The gate is easy to clean and requires no installation or set-up, making it a great choice for families with a busy lifestyle.

To make home safety even easier, Evenflo has a simple tool to help you find the right gate for your family. For more information, visit www.evenflo.com.

Just remember, taking a few simple steps to make your home safe and secure will help you create a little peace of mind.