Gate Safety Tips

The time to shop for that first baby gate can often come when you least expect it. Our website helps moms get familiar with all of the options and differences in all of the gates so she’s a prepared shopper

Look for gates that have a certification sticker stating that the gate meets the minimum requirements of the American Society for Testing and Materials’ voluntary standard for gates, administered by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA)

Never use a pressure mount gate at the top of stairs

Never use a gate that swings in both directions at the top of stairs

Make sure your top-of-stairs gate does not have a trip bar at the bottom of the frame

Wood gates should be splinter resistant

Gates should have rounded, smooth edges

When installing a pressure mount gate against drywall, make sure mounting surface is reinforced with a wall stud.

Install with the locking/latching mechanism on the side away from the child.

Use gate ONLY with the locking/latching mechanism securely engaged.

Gates will NOT necessarily prevent all accidents.

Never leave your child unattended.