Safety Gate Installation

Believe it or not, installing your Evenflo safety gate is the easy part. Keeping up with your newly mobile child will be the real challenge. When your baby starts crawling or walking, you’re in store for an entirely new adventure. Make sure you’re prepared for anything by installing baby safety gates before your little one starts moving. Evenflo offers a wide selection of baby safety gates to fit every doorway, hallway and staircase in your home. Evenflo even offers a collection of wide baby gates to fit those odd spaces. Find even more ways to “baby-proof” your home with home safety tips from Evenflo.

Pressure Mounted Safety Gate Installation

Evenflo’s retractable baby gates are a convenient solution for safety in a hurry. If you aren’t savvy with tools, these safety gates offer simple installation in most doorways and hallways, but not at the top of stairs. Our selection of pressure-mounted gates offers you the versatility your home needs. Coming in a variety of styles, including Memory Fit, Position and Lock and Expansion Swing, our safety gates are the ideal solution for easy transporting and maneuverability. Installing these safety gates couldn’t be easier. Simply expand the sides of your baby safety gate to fit your doorway or hallway and lock it in place. No tools, no nails and no permanent marks on your walls or door frames.

Hardware-Mounted Safety Gate Installation

When your baby needs a little more protection, like at the top of a staircase, it is necessary to use hardware-mounted safety gates. Evenflo’s diverse collection of hardware-mounted safety gates allows you to match your baby safety gate to your décor. The smart design of Evenflo’s hardware-mounted safety gates makes your work a breeze by cutting installation time. Most of the safety gates come pre-assembled for simple and convenient installation. While installing hardware-mounted safety gates requires the use of tools, it is worth the safety it will provide your growing child. Make your baby safety gate installation even easier by watching our installation videos for Evenflo safety gates.