Safety Gate Choices

Before you begin your search for the perfect safety gate, you should know the different types of gates available to help you make a well-informed decision. Evenflo has a number of safety gates for you to choose from, ranging from pressure mount gates to extra wide baby gates that can fit even the oddest spaces. They also are available in a wide range of materials such as wood, plastic, metal and fabric. Find the Evenflo safety gate that is perfect for your home!

Pressure Mounted Gates

Pressure mounted gates are great because they are easy to install, simple to move from one location to the next, and you can adjust them to fit into most standard door openings. These versatile safety gates also use rubber bumpers that prevent damage to walls or doors, so your home looks the same as it did before you installed the gate.

Because pressure mounted safety gates use pressure and no hardware is required to install, they should not be used at the top of stairs to prevent injury.

Evenflo offers several pressure-mount baby gates:

Hardware Mounted Gates

If you plan on using a safety gate in only one spot, hardware mounted gates are great because they can be installed directly into a stud in your wall or other door opening fixtures using screws. When installed properly, these gates are extremely sturdy and secure. Many of our hardware-mount gates may be used at the top of stairs. Please always check your product’s instructions to ensure that top-of-stair use is appropriate.

Evenflo offers several hardware-mount gates:

Pass-thru Gates

Pass-thru safety gates come with swinging doors for you to quickly and easily pass through. These are great in high-traffic areas. When purchasing a pass-through gate, it is important for you to buy a gate with handles that require two actions to open the doors in order to help keep baby safe inside the secured area and to help prevent accidental opening. Some pass-thru gates are pressure-mounted, while others are installed with hardware. Please remember that only hardware-mounted gates should be used at the top of stairs. Also,  top-of-stair safety gates should have a door that swings in only one direction to avoid having the gate open over the stairs, possibly creating a hazardous situation for your child.

Evenflo offers several pass-thru gates:

Barrier Gates

If you are dealing with a low-traffic area and want to help keep your little one secure, barrier gates may be the best option because they do not have doors and serve as a barrier between rooms. They are also pressure-mounted and typically lightweight, making it very easy for you to move and reinstall your baby gate in another area. Some people also use these safety gates as pet gates.

Evenflo offers several pressure-mounted barrier gates:

X-tra Wide and Odd Spaces

For areas of your house that have spacious door openings or odd angles, wide baby gates with special sizing and angles are made to accommodate tricky areas. These wide baby gates make it easier for you to secure areas that other gates cannot typically fit. Some are pressure-mounted, while others are hardware-mounted, giving you more options when choosing a wide baby gate that best fits into your home and, most importantly, helps keep your baby safe.

Evenflo offers several wide baby gates for extra wide spaces:

Banister Kits

A banister installation kit allows pressure or hardware-mounted wide baby gates to be set up without drilling into the banister, and therefore preventing damage to your home. You will need a banister kit for each newel post on your staircase. Even with the use of installation kits, it is still only safe to use pressure-mounted gates at the bottom of stairs. You should always consult each gate’s instruction manual and warnings to determine if it can be used at the top of stairs.