Prepare for Your Due Date With This Hospital Stay Checklist

Checklists are everywhere - there's a checklist for buying a home, planning a wedding, and starting a new job—all important life events. But what about preparing for a new baby? Here is a checklist for expectant parents, so you can start getting organized now—while you can still move around comfortably.

Tanya Remer Altmann, MD, FAAP

  • If your due date is rapidly approaching, it's a good idea to gather a few items and make arrangements for birth and hospital stay.
  • Name, phone number and address of your Pediatrician and Obstetrician.
  • Written directions to the hospital - with all the commotion, you might not remember the way.
  • Phone numbers of friends and family to call from the hospital with the good news.
  • Phone number of friend or relative who will take you to the hospital if they do not live with you.
  • A bag with comfortable clothes, slippers and toiletries for you while you are in the hospital.
  • Car seat, receiving blanket and clothes for the baby.
  • Arrangements for babysitting for your other children (or pets) while you are at the hospital.
  • Book, magazine, cards, or baby announcements (address them ahead of time) to keep you busy during hospitalization.