Preparing For Baby

Checklists are everywhere - there's a checklist for buying a home, planning a wedding, and starting a new job—all important life events. But what about preparing for a new baby? Here are two checklists for expectant parents, so you can start getting organized now—while you can still move around comfortably.

Tanya Remer Altmann, MD, FAAP

Proper equipment (purchased now, rather than later) can help you succeed and have fun.

Car Seat - needed to take the baby safely (and legally) home

Receiving blanket

Bassinet and/or crib

Diapers - estimate 10 a day!

Changing table (or designated area to change baby)

Newborn clothes: one-pieces, T-shirts, footsies, PJ's, hat and socks

Diaper Bag (see list below for what goes inside)


Burping cloths

Breast pump

Rocking chair (or comfortable place to feed your baby)

Infant bathing tub

Playpen or play mat

Baby's need lots of stuff - all the time. So prepare an extra diaper bag - or two. Leave one in your car and give one to dad. That way you will have the necessities if your car breaks down or you were out longer than expected.

The perfect diaper bag should include the following:

5 diapers

Small bags to dispose of dirty diapers

Baby wipes

Changing pad

Burping cloth

Pacifier (if your baby uses one)

Change of clothing for baby

Clean shirt for mom


Infant Tylenol (fever reducer)

List of important info: pediatrician's phone number, recent weight of baby, allergies if any, and immunization records.

Life with a newborn is full of surprises. And hopefully these checklists will help you to enjoy those surprises rather than stress over them. Hold on tight and get set for the ride of your life!