If you could give your baby a head start on life, wouldn't you do it?

Well, that's exactly what you're doing when using an Evenflo soft carrier.  The amazing connection between you and your little one gets even stronger when you hold her close in a soft carrier.  Babies need lots of closeness and touching from you to feel secure, especially in the first months of their lives.  There is even research showing that holding your baby close improves not only her feeling of security but also her mental development.  When you move around with your baby in a soft carrier, you are introducing her to extra visual and auditory experiences that positively impact her development.  

Before birth, your baby was used to constant motion so, after she is born, keeping her with you in a soft carrier extends those soothing movements making her feel even more secure.  There is nothing that can replace your touch, voice and face in your little one's emotional and cognitive development.  So, forget all the myths about spoiling your baby by holding her too much.  It's just not possible.  Because when it comes to giving your child an important head start, holding and interacting with her are the best things you can do.