Give Her a Head Start On Life

    That's exactly what you're doing when using an Evenflo soft carrier.
    In the first months of their lives, babies need lots of
    closeness and touching from you to feel secure and develop
    their cognitive abilities. Because when it comes to giving
    your child an important head start, holding and interacting
    with her are the best things you can do.

    We've Made It Our Legacy To Protect Yours.™

     Soft Carrier Overview HTML
  • Soft Carrier - 3 Positions


    Baby Faces In - The ultimate position for bonding with your baby! What can be better than talking and laughing with your little one face-to-face? 

    Baby Faces Out - When you carry her facing out, she'll have a front row seat on her new world, all while feeling the security of being held close to you.

    Backpack - On those days when you're running errands or have busy activities, carry your baby in a backpack position.


    Built for comfort even as your little bundle of joy grows, with extra padded straps for you and extra padding in the head support and leg openings for baby. Our carriers are made with breathable fabric to make sure parents and baby stay cool.

    Carrier - Features
  • Carrier - Fashion


    Carry your little bundle in comfort and style with our new Marianna Collection Soft Carrier. Happy flowers dance all over the interior fabric in shades of pink, black and white. Won't your baby girl look just too adorable sitting in this bright, fun soft carrier?