Little Jumping Beans

    Keep your baby safe while she jumps, spins and reaches. Our jumpers have 2X the bounce plus multiple learning activities so your little one can achieve important developmental milestones while playing. Plus, interacting with your bouncing baby is a great opportunity for important bonding.

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  • ExerSaucer Love Connection


    Love Connection

    Feeling safe is feeling loved.  Your bundle of wiggly, giggly fun can move, explore and play in the stability of a stationary activity center.  And just think of all the precious bonding time you and your little one can share during special play time.  Your baby will experience healthy development every day and develop a lifelong love of movement—all because you made her feel safe and loved.




    What will your little one learn today? There’s lots to explore as your infant grows during tummy time and then as an older child who loves to rock, spin and bounce. With a full 360° spin, there’s a whole new view of toys to build gross motor skills with each twist and turn.

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