Proper Disposal of a Car Seat

Please read your car seat instruction manual for specific disposal instructions for your car seat. Here are Evenflo's guidelines to proper disposal of a car seat.

At the end of the child restraint’s useful life, Evenflo encourages you to dispose of it properly. Most of the components in the child restraint are recyclable.

  1. Remove all fabric and padding.
  2. Remove all screws and disassemble the restraint.
  3. Recycle all plastic/foam parts and discard the rest.

If your local recycling center won’t accept the padding, you may dispose of it in the landfill.

Note: Evenflo uses recycled materials in the manufacturing process whenever possible but never for components that are critical for safety. To prevent injury due to hidden damage, lost instructions, outdated technology, etc., discontinue use of this restraint after six years, or if it has been involved in a crash.