for children 4-120 lbs.


EveryKid 4-in-1 Convertible Car Seat (Oneida)


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The Evenflo EveryKid 4-In-1 Car Seat has been engineered for maximum comfort, safety, and longevity. The EveryKid accommodates your child by adjusting to multiple positions, allowing kids to ride rear-facing beyond two years of age—without extending the seat or cramping other passengers. This all-in-one car seat provides a safe and secure ride for up to a decade. Parents and grandparents love the Quick Connector LATCH and belt lock offs for an easy and tight installation. It can be used as a rear-facing car seat with harness, forward-facing car seat with harness, belt-positioning high-back booster, and no-back booster that helps keep children 4 - 120 lb secure while riding in a vehicle.

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Expiration: 10 years

Warranty: 90 Days

Returns: 30 days


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Why You’ll Love it

Evenflo works with parents to develop child-safety products that are designed for how they are actually used. We’ve developed this 4-in-1 car seat with comfort, safety and ease-of-use in mind. The one-hand, 12-position headrest and no-rethread harness enable a proper fit during each ride and as child grows – without uninstalling the car seat. For additional convenience, this all-in-one car seat is designed with removable cushions, machine-washable fabrics, and two integrated cup holders.

For 100 years, Evenflo has been a trusted source of precision-manufactured, high-quality children products that are engineered for real-life situations. Evenflo takes a proactive approach to the design of each of our multi-mode products for extended use or multiple-use applications, which saves you money without compromising the safety of your children. Additionally, all Evenflo car seats include ParentLink customer-service perks like real-time chat and free live video installation support.

Product Details

Child Specs (4-120lbs)


  • Weight: 4 - 40 lb (1.8 - 18.1 kg)
  • Height: 17 - 40 in (43 - 102 cm)


  • Weight: 22 - 65 lb (10 - 29.5 kg)
  • Height: 28 - 49 in (71 - 124 cm)
  • Age: For children at least 2 years old


  • Weight: 40 - 65 lb (18 - 29.5 kg)
  • Height: 44 - 57 in (112 - 145 cm)
  • Age: For children at least 4 years old


  • Weight: 40 - 120 lb (18 - 54.4 kg)
  • Height: 44 - 57 in (112 - 145 cm)
  • Age: For children at least 4 years old


  • Weight: 40 - 120 lb (18 - 54.4 kg)
  • Height: 44 - 57 in (112 - 145 cm)
  • Age: At least four years of age

Product & Shipping Specs

  • Product Weight: 18.2
  • Package Width: 19
  • Package Weight: 18.2
  • Package Depth: 23
  • Package Height: 25


Safety Testing

At Evenflo, we continue to go above and beyond government testing standards for car seats.

  • Side Impact Tested:Meets Evenflo’s proprietary side impact standards.
  • Designed and tested for structural integrity at energy levels approximately 2X the federal crash test standard.
  • FMVSS 213: Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards for Child Restraint Systems
  • FMVSS 302: Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards for Flammability of Interior Materials
  • CMVSS 302: Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Standard
  • CMVSS 213: Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Standard
  • Certified For Use In Aircraft: When used with the internal 5-point harness this restraint meets FAA Inversion requirements for airplane use.
  • Evenflo Temperature Testing: All current Evenflo car seats are tested for product integrity at both high and low temperatures.

Use & Care

Use & Care

Read all instructions and warnings on the product, product labels, and instruction manuals before use. Consult your vehicle owner’s manual to determine proper placement of child restraint in your vehicle and familiarize yourself with your vehicle’s components.

Browse Instruction Manuals »

Cleaning Instructions
  • DO NOT lubricate or immerse in water any part of this child restraint, unless rinsing is permitted
  • Plastic and metal parts may be wiped clean with mild soap and water and dried with a soft cloth. Do not use abrasive cleaners or solvents.
  • Take care not to damage any labels.
  • The harness can be wiped clean with mild soap and water. Allow harness to air dry.
  • Machine wash the seat pad separately in cold water, delicate cycle. Tumble dry 10 to 15 minutes on low heat.
  • Periodically inspect and clean the restraint's crotch buckle of food, liquids, and other debris to ensure proper latching. Place the buckle in a cup of warm water and gently agitate the buckle back and forth. Press the red button several times while the buckle is in the water. Do not submerge the harness strap. To avoid damage to the buckle, do not clean the buckle with soap or detergents and do not use a lubricant.
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Evenflo EveryKid 4-Mode All-In-One Convertible Car Seat

  • 4-in-1 car seat
  • 4 modes of use
  • 10 years of protection
  • Rear facing with harness for child 4-40 lb
  • Forward facing with harness for child 22-65 lb at least 2 years old
  • High-back booster for child 40-120 lb at least 4 years old
  • No-back booster for child 40-120 lb at least 4 years old

EveryKid Car Seat Install Videos

Please see the video playlist below for installation instructions and tips.

EveryKid 4-in-1 Car Seat FAQs

How do I change the position of the crotch buckle on the EveryKid 4-in-1 car seat?

In order to adjust the crotch buckle of the Evenflo EveryKid 4-in-1 car seat you will need to start by removing the booster base from the bottom of the car seat. Once the booster base is removed, you will be able to access underneath the seat where the buckle anchor is located. Turn the anchor to remove from one slot and place into the other slot. Please refer to the product instructions for details on when to change the buckle position.

I removed part of the EveryKid car seat cover while installing my car seat rear-facing, but now that the seat is installed I can't get it back on.

It does help to remove a portion of the seat pad when installing your car seat so you can better access the seat belt or lower anchor strap. When installing your EveryKid in rear-facing mode, instead of detaching the portion of the seat pad near your child's feet, detach the seat pad from the back of the seating area. The back portion of the seat pad lifts up to expose the white handle for removing the booster base. The back corners are held down by small elastic loops. Remove the elastic loops and you can lift the entire seat pad towards the front of the car seat. Removing the seat pad from around the crotch buckle allows access to the entire rear-facing belt path.

When your installation is complete, route the crotch buckle through the appropriate slot in the seat pad and reattach the back corners of the seat pad with the small elastic loops.

How do I know if my car seat is tightly installed?

When checking for a tight installation, it is important to test the car seat right where you have it installed to the vehicle. For a rear-facing car seat, that means you will grab the car seat near your child's feet and not near their head. While holding the car seat near the installation area, try to move the car seat side to side and front to back. The car seat should not move more than one inch in any direction.

If the car seat moves more than one inch when checking at the belt path, you have a few options:

  1. Try to tighten the installation again.
  2. Try a different seating position in the vehicle.
  3. Try a different installation method, if possible.
  4. Contact ParentLink for assistance: https://www.evenflo.com/contactus

Does the Evenflo EveryKid have a steel frame?

The Evenflo EveryKid meets or exceeds all applicable Federal motor vehicle safety standards and Evenflo's internal testing standards. These products do not have a steel frame, but are made of robust plastic sufficient to withstand numerous dynamic tests. The Evenflo EveryKid are engineered to manage crash energy appropriately without the addition of a steel frame. This allows the car seat to be lightweight, making it easier to move between vehicles.

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EVERYKID 4IN1 CAR SEAT ONEIDA is rated 4.4 out of 5 by 113.
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Great Convertible Car Seat! I was given the Evenflo Everykid 4-in-1 Convertible Car Seat to try as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel. Right out of the box I could tell it was a high quality car seat. Having a rapidly growing 2 year old, something that can grow with my child is a must! And this car seat does just that. Some of the pros of this car seat are: -Versatility- can be used from 4lbs clear up to 120lbs. -Tons of features including rear facing, forward facing with harness, high back booster, and no back booster. -Extremely easy to adjust! This is huge for me as it allows to quickly adjust the proper fit to my ever growing child. No more having to take the car seat out of the car to adjust the straps. And I love that the headrest automatically adjust with the straps. -Machine washable. Let’s be real, kids are messing so the fact that I can easily wash the fabric is a big plus. -Easy to secure into your car with the Quick Connector Latch. -Lots of cushion. We make many long trips to visit family and with how padded the seat is, our 2 year old is much happier on this trips. -2 detachable cup holders. Making there always a place available for my littles water bottles and occasional toys. Some of the cons for me with this car seat include: -Heavy. I have had many different convertible car seats and this one by far has been the heaviest which makes it more of a hassle to get it in and out of the car. -Wider then some. Having three younger kids all of which either need to be in a booster seat or convertible car seat, the width of a car seat is something I pay attention to in order to make sure they will all fit in my mid size SUV. With this car seat and another convertible car seat, it didn’t leave much room for my son to sit in the middle with his booster seat. All in all I am very impressed with this car seat and would recommend it to others! And most importantly my toddler loves the car seat which is most important of all because if she is happy in the car, then we all are happy.
Date published: 2020-04-06
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Built to Last The Evenflo EveryKid 4-in-1 Convertible Car Seat is very sturdy and attractively styled. The additional padding for newborns and infants is easily removed for toddlers. I found this seat incredibly easy to install by myself as it arrived fully assembled via Stellar Product Testing Panel. The two cup holders also snap on with ease although my toddler can pull them back off by himself. The no-rethread harness is a favorite feature and the headrest adjustment can be done one-handed. Overall, I like that this seat comes already assembled and the latch connectors make it a simple install. The harness adjustment and removable infant padding make it a breeze to use. I absolutely adore the fact that this seat lasts from birth up through backless booster. As a parent with three in seats currently, I am always in search of maximum efficiency in budget and space-saving; this seat offers both. I do wish that the cup holders snapped in more permanently but I think Evenflo was wanting easy removal for spill cleanup.
Date published: 2020-04-06
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Great features, Well made! I found this convertible seat very easy to use, it easily strapped in and the harness is easy to adjust. The headrest was also very easy to adjust to my daughter's height. in my opinion it wasn't as heavy as I thought it was going to be and overall the appearance, it looked very well made. It didn't seem to take up as much space when installed in my little suv, I think I could easily fit two, maybe three in my car on one row vs only two of the brand seats we currently have that are so bulky and big. My favorite feature would have to be the cup holders, which is nice because I don't have to worry about cups being tossed in the floor leaking like I have before. All the features this seat has to offer is amazing, i'm considering buying two more to replace the other brand we have and to have all matching ones. I was surprised by the price when I looked this seat up, I would've thought that it would have been way more expensive than it really is. I would recommend this seat to others, if you don't have $300 or more to spend then this seat would work well for you and your little! I did receive the Convertible seat through the Stellar Product Testing Panel for my honest review!
Date published: 2020-03-30
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Sturdy Car Seat to Grow with Your Child ((I received this product for participating on the Stellar Product Testing Panel in exchange for my honest review.)) I tried the Evenflo EveryKid 4-in-1 Convertible Car Seat out on my four-and-a-half-year old and two year old; both are between the 80th and 90th percentiles for height and weight. Just as with all car seats, there’s a slight learning curve when it comes to installation and figuring out how things work, but I quickly got the hang of it. I appreciate that almost every kid can sit rear-facing well past his or her second birthday and possibly close to their third. My two-year-two-month old child is in the 90th percentile, and she has several pounds to go before hitting the 40-pound weight limit for rear-facing. At 22 pounds, this is 2 pounds lighter than our current car seat that allows extra leg room. It feels about the same in terms of ease in moving the seat in and out of the car. Depending on the color you get, the price is comparable too, as are the LATCH systems, adjustable headrest, and seat belt. What’s not comparable is that the EveryKid will last much longer. For safety purposes, I plan on keeping my kiddos in some sort of car seat or booster until they outgrow them, so that fact that I don’t have to scour reviews and decide upon a booster in coming years is a bonus for me. The third option, to use a normal adult seat belt with the high-back booster, was pretty cool, and my four year old thought so too. Though these have nothing to do with safety, I did like the TWO cup holders AND one snack tray; kids love accessories, right? And I totally believe they’ll wear them out. Speaking of food-related things, the cover is machine washable—yay! I haven’t had the chance to see how well it repels stains, but I’m looking forward to trying. My two big issues are: 1) There is no bubble indicator to show if the seat is properly and safely installed/reclined. I’m really trying to figure out why Evenflo decided to do away with this important feature. I’ve used it religiously with every other car seat we own, so it makes me feel uneasy not to have one on this car seat—which is why I’m giving four stars. 2) In the forward-facing position, you only have one option for adjusting the recline. Big bummer, especially if your kid is used to another car seat with this feature. Sometimes they just wanna lean back and rest their little eyes, and they can’t do that much with the EveryKid. The other features are great, but for my kid, the lack of recline options is a real damper for her long car-ride experience. So, thumbs up for ability to grow with your child, price, style/look, ease of installation, adjustable head rest, machine washable cover, and cushioning, and thumbs down for recline options and lack of bubble indicator.
Date published: 2020-03-29
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Comfortable & safe car seat! Kid approved! We really like this carseat for several reasons. All three of my girls can fit in it and they are ages 2, 5, and 8 years old! It is really easy to adjust the height with just one hand. It is comfortable according to my 5 year old & my 2 year old seemed comfy in it. We like the large cup holders, shoulder & between the legs pads for comfort, and the seat sits a bit higher so the kiddo can see out the windows better. The harness and reclining part were also easy to adjust to fit each child. It wasn't too difficult to install with a seatbelt and once put through the locking mechanism the seat belt and seat did not move. The price range and safety of this seat make this the perfect car seat. Thank you Stellar Product Testing Panel for sending this car seat to try, we love it!
Date published: 2020-03-27
Rated 5 out of 5 by from 4 N 1 Evenflo Great Surprise Thank you Stellar parent panel product testing to review this product. Having 4 kids, many nieces, and nephews, and doing in-home daycare for several years I have seen so many car seats. Many of the extra bases are super light. way to health. hard to load, hard to change in vehicles. hard to adjust setting and hight as they grow, The Evenflo 4In 1 was a nice surprise. It can be used for the newest of babies all the way up until they can be in boosters and forward seating. The Bonuses of this product is that is heavy-duty. It has a 10-year lifespan to get you through all of your safety car seat needs. It is easy to adjust as your child gets older with a quick button to slide parts around. I can definitely be turned into a harness car seat for those toddler years and then again to be used as a booster seat with no back as your child ages. The only cons I can add are that it is quite heavy and I wouldn't want to move from vehicle to vehicle easily. They do have appropriate straps to make installing it with the latch system easy but it is a bulky heavy seat if you do it often. For the infant stage, I would use it as an extra in Dad's car or maybe Grandma's car because you don't 'wat to remove it to have the baby out in the carrier section like you would in so many other infant carriers. The baby would just be put into this one safely but without removing any of the car seats. PROS, Heavey duty easy to install, the longevity of life (1o year expiration) as your family grows. easy to use and adjust the setting with growing children, Not super expensive. Thank you Wee Spring Stellar Panel for letting me try this product for my honest feedback.
Date published: 2020-03-27
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Wonderful Car Seat! I received the Evenflo EveryKid 4-in-1 Convertible Car Seat to test from the Stellar Product Testing Panel and am so glad I got to try this product! For reference, I drive a 2007 Honda Fit (very small car) and have a 3 year old who is 30 lbs and 35 inches tall. The directions that come with the seat are simple and easy to understand, though some of the pictures are a little dark and hard to make out. The car seat is a breeze to install and the quick connector LATCH is fast and easy to attach to my car. The car seat feels secure after installation. The seat was super simple to adjust for my little girl. The padding is nice and soft, and she says it's a very comfortable seat in which to sit. My daughter put the washable fabric to the test in the first week of us (by getting sick in the car seat). I removed the fabric and washed it per the instructions and had it back on in no time. My daughter's favorite features are the 2 cup holders; she uses one for a drink and one for her snacks. I like the no rethread harness so I don't have to remove the car seat to adjust it as my little one grows. This car seat is a great value and worth every penny!
Date published: 2020-03-27
Rated 4 out of 5 by from East to install and easier to uninstall I received the Evenflo Everykid 4 in one car seat as part of the Stellar product testing panel. The installation was a breeze. The connectors have a quick release function that make it so easy to move, my parents could do it. The only thing I didn’t like was the strap pads were made from a material that feels cheap and come off to easily. Other than that, I am very happy with this car seat.
Date published: 2020-03-26
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