SensorSafe™ FAQs

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Will my chest clip connect to the app automatically, ensuring that I don't need to open the app every ride?

Yes, as long as all of the conditions below are met, the SensorSafe mobile app will connect to the chest clip every time it goes from unbuckled to buckled:

  • The primary caregiver must be logged in to the app and have previously set up that chest clip (it will appear in settings at all times until it's deleted/removed).
  • The app must be left running in the background on the mobile phone.
  • Bluetooth must be turned on.
The chest clip must have battery power: The blue LED lights must blink twice when buckled.


I'm having trouble connecting to the SensorSafe chest clip. What should I do?


  • Check that the blue LED lights on the front of the SensorSafe chest clip blink twice upon buckling. These lights indicate that the chest clip has sufficient battery power. If they do not light up when buckled, open the back of the chest clip and replace the existing battery with a new one (CR2032 Lithium Coin Cell Battery, available at most retail stores). Detailed battery replacement instructions are available in the product manual that came with your product or in the SensorSafe mobile app.
  • When replacing the battery, if the LED light stays lit (instead of blinking), immediately take the battery out and attempt to re-insert it.
  • Check that you are using the latest version of the app by checking for updates in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store on your phone.
  • Make sure that the app open is open on your phone, and that your phone, the SensorSafe chest clip & the vehicle dongle (plugged into the vehicles OBD2 port) are all within close Bluetooth range (less than 20 FT).
  • Make sure only one chest clip is buckled at a time. Leave all other SensorSafe chest clips in the area unbuckled. Other clips can be added after the first connection is successful.


I'm having trouble connecting to the SensorSafe dongle in the mobile app. What should I do?

Try one of the following to connect the dongle in the mobile app:

  • Check that you are using the latest version of the app by checking for updates in the Apple App Store® or Google Play Store® on your phone.
  • Disconnect Bluetooth on any nearby mobile devices with the SensorSafe app installed as they may be attempting to connect.
  • Open the settings page in the SensorSafe mobile app to ensure the dongle isn't already set-up. The same dongle cannot be set-up on one account twice.
  • Turn Bluetooth off and then on again for the phone you are trying to connect.
  • Make sure location services are on and the "accurate location" option is turned on (more information here for Android:
  • After plugging in the dongle, and while the app is attempting to connect, place your phone in the passenger seat and drive the vehicle until exceeding 10 MPH.
  • Restart your phone.
  • Unplug the OBD2 dongle and plug it back in before attempting the above steps again.
Note: To determine if you need a replacement dongle, attempt to connect from a different mobile phone. If neither phone is successful, contact Parentlink for support.


A screen tells me the Device is Connected to Another Phone. What should I do?


  1. Check that you are using the latest version of the app by checking for updates in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store on your phone.
  2. Turn Bluetooth off on any nearby devices with the SensorSafe app installed and try again to connect.
Insight: The SensorSafe mobile app can only be connected to one caregiver's mobile phone at a time. The person who comes within Bluetooth range first will be the one to connect. You can change this by having the connected caregiver select “Disconnect” in the SensorSafe mobile app settings. This will allow someone else to connect and become the primary caregiver who monitors the SensorSafe chest clip.


Will SensorSafe work if I don't have Wi-fi access?

To monitor the SensorSafe chest clip as the primary caregiver, SensorSafe does not need a cellular connection or Wi-Fi access — only Bluetooth. Importantly, in case of an emergency, the SensorSafe mobile app needs access to Wi-Fi or a cellular connection to send the emergency notification out to family members. If the primary caregiver is out of Wi-Fi range or cellular connection range, the app saves the message and sends it as soon as a connection is available.

Will SensorSafe work if I don't have Bluetooth turned on?

No, the SensorSafe system is entirely dependent on a successful Bluetooth connection between the mobile phone and the SensorSafe chest clip at all times. From the moment the primary caregiver steps out of Bluetooth range, SensorSafe will remember if the clip was buckled (Child Alone) or unbuckled (Child is safe) and won't update its information until the caregiver is within Bluetooth range. If persistent Child Alone Notifications are received outside of Bluetooth range, make sure to go back into Bluetooth range and unbuckle the clip, so the app can register this information.

How can I stop notifications if I can't get back within Bluetooth range of the SensorSafe chest clip, but my child is safe?

If you know that your child is safe, you may stop notifications by following both of these steps:

  1. Go into the SensorSafe mobile app and select “Dismiss” or “Acknowledge”.
  2. Go into your phones Notification Center and clear all scheduled notifications.


Can I monitor my child remotely (over Wi-Fi/cellular data), when I'm not within Bluetooth range?

No, the SensorSafe chest clip is currently not capable of remote monitoring. The system is designed to provide notifications to a caregiver who is within Bluetooth range of the child. It is also currently not possible for all members of the family to monitor the child remotely. Only the connected primary caregiver can see the status of the seat. Family Members will receive

I have a Huawei phone and I'm experiencing an unstable Bluetooth connection. What can I do?

Huawei recently implemented very aggressive battery optimization settings which disable Bluetooth connections running in the background. This will need to be turned off for SensorSafe to function. Follow these steps general:

  1. Open the phone's Settings menu
  2. Select Apps
  3. Select Advanced
  4. Select Ignore Battery Optimizations
  5. Find the SensorSafe app and ignore it
NOTE: The following are general steps and may not match your particular phone. If you cannot find these settings, e-mail for instructions.