SensorSafe™ FAQs

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Can I change my language in the SensorSafe mobile app?

The SensorSafe mobile app will follow whatever language you have in your mobile phone’s settings.

Can I change from Celsius to Fahrenheit?

The temperature measure in the SensorSafe mobile app is based on the settings of your mobile phone for your geographic region.

Can I set the time intervals or customize my notifications?

We want to ensure that no caregiver could ever accidently extend the time between notifications or ignore a notification and will continue to evaluate our notifications as we receive feedback from users.

The volume is too high or too low — how can I adjust it?

Chime notifications will follow the volume you have set on your phone. Currently, volume cannot be changed on Spoken Notifications from the SensorSafe mobile app. Spoken notification volume was designed to be heard after a caregiver has entered a busy office, grocery store or their home and is designed to be loud enough for all environments. You can choose to turn off Spoken Notifications and use chime notifications, which allow for volume adjustment, if you find them to be too loud.

The in-app barcode scanner doesn’t work. What should I do?

If the barcode scanner doesn’t work for your product, you can also proceed by selecting the seat manually by the following steps:

  • On the page titled “Scan Barcode Start,” under the section “Pick the Device Manually,” select the brand of seat that you own.
  • On the next page, select the model of seat that you own.
  • From here you can continue the set-up process, and all will function the same way as it would have through the barcode scan selection method.
Insight: Selecting your seat is only used to display a picture of your product. The seat you chose does not change the app experience. If you are unable to find your seat in the app, you may select any seat and get the same app experience.

I don’t see my product listed when asked to identify my product. What should I do?

Here are a few reasons why this may happen:

  • You may have purchased the seat from another country. Within the app, you set your country. The app only displays the seats available for purchase in the country where the app is being used. Car seat regulations are not the same between countries, so it’s recommended that you do not purchase a seat for use in a foreign country.
  • On a newer seat model, you may be one of the first people to receive a seat after it’s been launched on the market. We’re on it and you should see your seat soon! Contact Parentlink to let us know if this happens to you.
  • There are multiple versions of SensorSafe on the market and not all of them are connectible to the mobile app. Go into the Manuals tab of the SensorSafe mobile app and ensure that the chest clip you have looks like the ones shown on that page. Contact Parentlink if you have further questions about the particular seat that you own.

What happens if my child unbuckles the SensorSafe chest clip while I am driving?

The SensorSafe dongle will emit a series of gentle tones to inform you within 30 seconds of the chest clip being unbuckled while the vehicle is in motion.

Why should I allow critical alerts? What happens if my phone is in silent mode? Can I change my mind later?

The SensorSafe mobile app currently only treats the Child Alone Notification as a critical alert, giving the app the ability to override silent mode on your mobile phone. It is highly recommended to allow critical alerts so that this alert will send under any circumstance. All other alerts will be muted when your phone is in silent mode, which is why we recommend not setting your mobile phone to “Silent Mode” or “Do not Disturb” while using SensorSafe. You can change your mind at any time and disable critical alerts by changing Settings within the SensorSafe mobile app.

How far away from the car will the SensorSafe mobile app send the Child Alone Notification?

The SensorSafe mobile app does not measure distance; rather, it approximates the strength of the Bluetooth signal between the dongle and the mobile phone to determine whether a child has been left alone and a notification should be sent. If the app detects a low signal, it estimates that the caregiver is far away. If it detects a strong signal, it estimates that the caregiver is close. Bluetooth signal strength varies based on the type of environment you are in and the amount of signal interference. For example, someone in the middle of a field would receive the notification at a further distance than someone in a busy city. For this reason, we recommend testing SensorSafe in typical places where you go—like home and the grocery, etc., before using the app with your child. You can see how the notifications work in your surroundings. You can then go into Settings and set the sensitivity higher (closer distance) or lower (further distance) to customize the experience that works for you.

I’m inside my house and the app didn’t notify me that my child is still buckled inside the vehicle. Am I not far enough away?

This happens when a vehicle parked in a driveway is very close to the mobile phone (inside the house) and, as a result, is still within Bluetooth range. Increase the “Notification Sensitivity” in Settings to “High” so that you will receive the notification before making it inside your house. When first trying out SensorSafe, look at the app dashboard as you walk away from the buckled clip so that you can learn the distance that triggers a notification in your environment. You’ll be able to see exactly where the signal drops and the notification is sent in the app.

Why are Child Alone Notifications triggered even when I am within close range of the child?

  • Go into the app settings tab and change the sensitivity from high to low to expand the range at which the Child Alone Notification is triggered.
  • This may also happen when the chest clip battery is low, as the Bluetooth signal is getting regularly disabled by the low battery.
    • Check that the blue LED lights on the front of the SensorSafe chest clip blink twice upon buckling. These lights indicate that the chest clip has sufficient battery power. If they do not light up when buckled, you will need to open the back of the chest clip and replace the existing battery with a new one (CR2032 Lithium Coin Cell Battery, available at most retail stores). Detailed battery replacement instructions are available in the product manual that came with your product or in the SensorSafe mobile app.
  • Certain Huawei or Xiaomi phones may have unstable Bluetooth connections. Check in the SensorSafe mobile app settings for any specific instructions for these phone manufacturers.

I left my vehicle, but another caregiver is still with the buckled child — why did I receive a notification?

SensorSafe is designed for active monitoring by only one caregiver. The mobile app detected that you walked away from a buckled child. To avoid this notification, the primary caregiver must disconnect in the SensorSafe app settings, allowing the other caregiver to connect and become the one monitoring the SensorSafe clip.

I unbuckled the SensorSafe chest clip; why didn’t the notifications stop?

First, ensure that the app knows that the clip has been unbuckled. At the end of the ride, the SensorSafe mobile app still needs to be open and running in the background on your mobile phone to detect the signal from the clip that it has been unbuckled. Once the app registers that the clip has been unbuckled (after the vehicle has stopped), all notifications will stop. Sometimes system notifications will continue from your phone’s Notification Center if they were already pushed out from the app. Swipe those notifications closed to dismiss them.

Why did the pop-up notification disappear before I could click on it?

At any time, you can open the SensorSafe mobile app and the notification will appear on your dashboard.

I don’t hear any sounds or notifications from the SensorSafe mobile app and/or the app has stopped sending notifications. What should I do?

In order for notifications to send, the app needs to be running in the background on your phone. If you have swiped the app to close it, you will need to open it again, make sure you are logged into the app and connected (when within Bluetooth range) and leave the app running in the background at all times. Leaving SensorSafe on in the background will not drain your phone’s battery. Other steps you can take to ensure that you receive notifications:

  • Ensure that the SensorSafe chest clip blinks twice when buckled, indicating sufficient battery power.
  • Turn off “Do Not Disturb”—this feature will disable notifications while driving.
  • Turn on sound on your phone—some SensorSafe alerts might be disabled when your phone is in Silent mode. You can also ensure that you’ve selected to “Allow Critical Alerts” in your app settings so that the SensorSafe mobile app can override silent mode in the case of a Child Alone Notification.
  • Ensure that you’ve allowed all notifications in your phone’s app settings.
If the SensorSafe app suddenly no longer sends notifications, contact Parentlink.

Why do I keep getting temperature too high/temperature too low notifications?

The SensorSafe mobile app receives temperature information from a sensor inside the chest clip. If that clip has been inside a vehicle that spent an extended time in a very hot or cold environment, it may take some time for the clip to warm up or cool down when the heat or air conditioning turns on. If you receive a temperature notification when you buckle your child in and your child is safe, you may dismiss the temperature notification and it won’t return for 5 minutes, giving your vehicle time to warm up or cool down. You must press “Dismiss,” or the notification will continue to send until you acknowledge it.