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User Accounts

How many Family Members can be stored on the SensorSafe app? How are Family Members used?

You can invite anyone you’d like to designate as a Family Member; there is no limit to the number of people you can invite. However, they must download the SensorSafe app and accept your invitation, which arrives via e-mail. Once they’ve accepted the invitation, they will receive emergency notifications. Emergency notifications are only sent to Family Members after the primary caregiver ignores a notification for three minutes. All Family Members are notified at one time and they must each “Acknowledge” the notification within the SensorSafe app on their phone after receiving it, as a notification cannot be recalled by the primary caregiver.

What do my Family Members need to do to join my family and receive the emergency notifications?

After inviting a family member using their e-mail, they will receive an e-mail with a unique code and instruction to download the SensorSafe app. Within the app, they will select “Join Family” and enter the code from the e-mail to accept the invitation. Family Members must have the app installed on their phone, but it is not required to be open on their phone. They will receive the notifications, even if they have closed the SensorSafe app. However, they are required to have access to Wi-Fi or cellular data for the notification to come through to their phone. There is no limit in the number of family emergency contacts that can be entered.

Will SensorSafe also provide the location of the car?

In case of a critical Child Alone Notification, SensorSafe will send a notification to all family members. This message includes the GPS location of the SensorSafe clip at the time the app detected that the child had been left alone. To use this function, it is necessary to allow Location Services at all times. Location services are only used for the family notification with the location of the vehicle; the SensorSafe mobile app does not monitor your phone’s location under any other circumstances.

When does SensorSafe send notifications to my Family Members?

A notification is sent to family members only after the primary caregiver has ignored the Child Alone Notification for three minutes. To prevent the notification from going to family members, be sure to step back into range of the buckled chest clip and unbuckle it. The primary caregiver can also stop the notification from going to family members by selecting “Acknowledge” on the notification within the SensorSafe mobile app within 3 minutes.

When I join a family, will I see all the seats in the family on my account?

No. SensorSafe is designed to have primary caregivers & family members. The primary caregiver is the one with the seat set-up on their account, all other family members only receive emergency notifications. If you wish to be a primary caregiver for a certain seat, you may add it to your account even after joining a family. Then, all other members of your family will receive the emergency notifications for your seat.

Can several SensorSafe users connect to the SensorSafe chest clip at once?

No, only one caregiver can actively monitor SensorSafe at a time. The caregiver who is in closest proximity to the seat first will be the one connected. You can switch the connected caregiver in the app at any time by simply choosing to “disconnect” to allow another Family Member to “connect.” All other Family Members set-up in the app will only be notified in the case of an emergency. It is possible however to register the same device for several user accounts.

My family has multiple SensorSafe seats owned by multiple family members (parents, grandparents, etc.). What set-up should we follow?

The SensorSafe mobile app only allows for each e-mail account to be a member of one family. To set-up this scenario correctly, do the following:

  • Choose one person to Create the Family. This person should invite all Family Members, one after another
  • Each family member will then choose to Join the family. They should not each create their own family
  • Next, each person should add their corresponding seat to their own account. Do not add each other’s seat, only the ones you are the primary user for.
Each person will be treated as the primary caregiver for the seats they added. All other family members will be treated as emergency contacts for the other seats in the family.

Do I have to add Family Members?

No, Family Members are recommended, but not required. Family members are a secondary precaution in case the primary caregiver is unable to get to a child in an unsafe situation. During set-up, you are given the option to “Skip” the family member invites. You may also delete family members at any time in settings. There is no required number of Family Members to use the SensorSafe mobile app, so you have the option to monitor your child just as the primary caregiver.

Why doesn’t the Family Invite code from the e-mail work?

  • If the person inviting you attempted to do so multiple times, the invite code will re-set each time, invalidating the previous e-mail code. Ensure that you are only entering the code from the very last e-mail sent.
  • Contact if you are still unable to use the family invite code you received.

Why didn’t I receive the family invite e-mail?

  • Check your e-mail spam folder for an e-mail from
  • Ensure that your family member correctly entered your e-mail when they initiated the invite.
  • Contact if you are still unable to receive the e-mail.

Why can’t the app send texts or e-mail alerts to family members?

  • Text Alerts – SensorSafe is a global system designed to work for as many people around the world as possible and not everyone has an unlimited data plan. While some systems charge for texts up front and require an ongoing financial cost to the caregiver, we choose to take a different path to ensure that emergency alerts are sent and received with ease.
  • Emails – An email alert is often too slow and the chances of not seeing an email within the extremely short time window necessary to rescue a child are too high.

I got a new phone. Do I need to load my SensorSafe seats again?

Yes, SensorSafe seats installed on your account are only stored locally on one phone. You will need to repeat set-up if you purchase a new phone.

I deleted the SensorSafe app and then re-installed. Do I need to re-create my profile?

No, you do not need to re-create your profile; you can log back in with the account you created previously. Insight: You will need to set-up your seats again as that data was deleted from your phone along with the app.