Evenflo Introduces New Red Tether

At Evenflo, your child’s safety is our #1 priority. Today we want to share an exciting update to an important feature of our car seats: introducing our new RED tether.

In a recent study by Safe Kids Worldwide, 64% of parents were not using the tether on forward-facing car seats.

The tether is an important safety component for forward-facing harnessed car seat installations. The tether limits the amount the car seat can move forward in a crash. This reduces the potential for injury to your child!

Research has shown that parents and caregivers are often not aware of the tether or the benefit it provides. We hope that by making this safety feature a more visible color and sharing this important information with our consumers, we can help to improve the use of this feature.

Contact ParentLink

Evenflo ParentLink is available to assist with questions about Evenflo products via phone, chat or video appointment with one of our certified car seat technicians.

Find a CPST

You can find a nationally certified car seat technician near you by visiting Safe Kids Worldwide.

What is a Tether?

A tether is attached to the back of all car seats that can be used forward-facing with a harness in a vehicle. Most vehicles (model year 2001 and newer) have at least three tether anchor points for car seat installation.

Tether vs. No Tether

For more details on this important safety feature – check out this video from our friends at The Ohio State University.