Find a Replacement Part

Our products are designed to allow your family to live life to its fullest. We believe that it is important to your child’s development to explore the world around them, inside and outside of your home. With all of the go-ing we hope Evenflo products enable, wear and tear may occur. Occasionally, excessively used parts may wear out and need to be replaced. To extend the life of your Evenflo product, we offer many replacement parts and accessories.

To find a replacement part, search for the Model # of your product in the search bar above or by visiting our Replacement Parts & Accessories section by clicking here.

** Evenflo cares about the safety of your family. The only way we can ensure that the parts you order are safe – and a perfect fit - for your Evenflo product is by matching the model number of your product to the parts available for it. Purchasing a replacement part that is not designed for your Evenflo product could be dangerous to your child’s health and safety. Evenflo is not liable for parts purchased that are not certified for use with a model number other than that listed.

For help locating your model number, see below.

Finding your Model Number


Location of Label

Booster Seats
White sicker on the back or bottom of the seat.
Convenience Base On the inside of the base with car seat removed.
Convertible Seats
Near the bottom of the seat on a white sticker. The harness straps may cover the sticker. 
On the warning label on the inside of the head board of the crib.
Door Jumpers
White sticker on the cylinder piece that covers the spring, or on a sewn-on label on the seat cloth.
ExerSaucer Saucers
On the inside of one of the legs when you adjust it to the highest level, on the underside of the plastic seat rin, the underside of the tray, or on the bottom of the saucer.
On the warning label at the bottom of the gate.
High Chairs
On the back of the seat on the warning label or on a white sticker. Could also be located on the underside of the seat behind the foot rest on the tubing.
Infant Car Seats
Bottom of the seat on a white sticker towards the baby’s feet area. Car seat will need to be removed from the base.
White sticker on the support tubing on the underside of the playard. The sticker will read Item Number and Mfg. Number.
Soft Carriers
On a care or law tag on the carrier, or a sewn-on label on the waist belt of the carrier.
White sticker on the tubing of the rear leg, or on the tubing of the basket.

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