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Rollplay Frequently Asked Questions

How do I unplug the battery from the vehicle?

Unlock and remove the seat of your ride-on vehicle. Loosen and remove the screw from the battery strap. Remove the battery and unplug it from the car connector. To charge, plug the charger into the battery connector.

Rollplay's 12V & 24V Units: Which battery, control board, gearbox, charger should I order?

Please click on the unit at and the parts for that unit will be listed below for purchase.

How long do I charge the battery?

How Do I Charge The Battery?

  • Before first use of your Rollplay vehicle, be sure to charge the battery for a full 24 hours (no longer than 30). The full 24 hour charge will ensure that the vehicle will get its full run time and full power.
  • When you need to recharge your battery, be sure that the Rollplay vehicle is turned off. Unplug the battery from the car and attach the battery to the charger. Recharge the battery for 8-12 hours for the battery to become fully charged again.
  • To ensure that the battery keeps its proper voltage, please charge the vehicle at least once a month for 8-12 hours, even if it is not being used.
For all other questions or inquiries, please contact Rollplay Customer Service at 888-982-9309 or at


How long will the battery charge last on my vehicle?

A fully charged battery will provide 1 to 2 hours of use per charge. Total usage time depends on the temperature, passenger weight, battery care and maintenance, consistent usage, or riding surface.

What is the difference between 12V 7AH Battery and 12V 12AH Battery?

How should I store my Rollplay vehicle?

Store the vehicle indoors or use a tarp to cover it. Keep away from stoves, heaters, or other sources of heat. Remove the battery before storing in a cold place like a garage. The battery life may decrease substantially if left outside in the cold for a long period of time.

How should I care for my Rollplay vehicle?

Carefully clean the vehicle with a damp cloth and mild soap. Do not get water in or near any electrical parts. • Do not wash the vehicle with a hose. • Store the vehicle indoors or use a tarp to cover it. • Keep away from stoves, heaters, or other sources of heat. • Regularly inspect all vehicle parts to make sure they are in good working condition. Inspect the charger, cord, plug, and other related parts for damage. Remove any damaged parts and immediately contact Customer Service for replacement parts if your item is still under warranty. Do not operate the vehicle if there are any damaged parts.

Why is my vehicle not working after a full charge?


On what surfaces can I ride my Rollplay vehicle?

Rollplay vehicles can be operated on hard, level surfaces. Do not operate near loose dirt, mud, sand, or fine gravel. Do not operate near streets or motor vehicles. Do not operate near drop-offs such as steps, steep inclines or hills.

I'm having trouble with assembling the steering wheel. What do I do?

• 1). Make sure the dashboard is pushed into place and flush with the rest of the vehicle. Apply pressure down onto the dashboard to give the steering rod more room to apply steering wheel. • 2). When placing on the steering wheel over the rod, this may displace the rod towards the floor. Once the steering wheel is placed on, push the steering rod from the bottom of the vehicle towards the steering wheel. • 3). If the rod continues to slide down to the floor, place the vehicle on its side and repeat steps 1 and 2.

Where can I find replacement parts for my Rollplay vehicle?