• SensorSafe

    What is SensorSafe Technology?


    A smart chest clip located on the car seat that intelligently communicates with the driver in two ways.*

    Upon arrival, SensorSafe Technology will remind you that a child is present in their car seat.

    Watch as parents react as SensorSafe Technology notifies them that a child is still in the car seat after they park the car.
    SensorSafe Technology will alert you if a child has unbuckled their chest clip during transit.

    Watch as parents react as SensorSafe Technology alerts them that the car seat chest clip has been unfastened.

    *Auto-sync is enabled and active after driving at a minimum of 5 mph for at least 30 consecutive seconds.


    Why Do I Need It?


    Approximately every
    nine days a child
    dies in a hot car.*

    51% of parents surveyed
    said their child could
    unbuckle themselves
    (75% were age 3 or younger)**


    Award-Winning Technology


    Fast Company
    Top 10 Most Innovative Company of 2016

    2015 Innovation Award Winner

    The Bump at the Consumer Electronics Show
    Most Innovative Product of 2016

    Pregnancy & Newborn
    Top Gear of 2015

    How SensorSafe Technology Works


    A wireless receiver plug inserts into the vehicle's On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) Port and communicates with the smart chest clip through standard radio frequency. Is your car SensorSafe compatible?
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    SensorSafe Products

    SensorSafe products are available exclusively at Walmart.


    Advanced SensorSafe
    Embrace DLX

    Infant Car Seat
    4-35 lbs.


    (3 styles available)

    Advanced SensorSafe Epic™
    Travel System

    with Embrace Car Seat
    4-35 lbs. (Infant Car Seat)
    up to 50 lbs. (Stroller)


    (1 style available)

    Advanced SensorSafe
    Titan™ 65

    Convertible Car Seat
    5-65 lbs.


    (2 styles available)

  • Vehicle Compatibility

    SensorSafe Technology works on all vehicles 2008 and newer. Use the tool below to check vehicle compatibility and to locate your OBD (On-Board Diagnostic) Port.

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