the sound that means safety

Available on select Evenflo infant, convertible, all-in-one, and booster car seats


serious street cred

You can confidently keep your eyes on the road, knowing you’ll be alerted if your child unbuckles the chest clip while the car is in motion.

Once you arrive at your destination, SensorSafe will chime to let you know your child is still safely secured. Evenflo’s state-of-the-art design and safety technology make the system easy to use. There’s no need to reinstall each time you drive or even add an app to your phone. Just keep the receiver plugged into your car’s OBD port to drive with extra peace of mind.


buckle down
on unbuckling

51% of parents in a Yale survey said their child could unbuckle themselves (75% were age 3 or younger) SensorSafe Technology will alert you if your child’s chest clip becomes unfastened.

Jet  Cherry Blossom

SensorSafe Titan 65

Convertible Car Seat

for children 5-65 lbs.



forget me not

According to Kids and Cars, approximately every nine days a child dies in a hot car. SensorSafe Technology sounds a gentle series of tones to remind you that a child is present in their car seat upon arrival.

Largo  Kona  Peridot

SensorSafe Embrace

Infant Car Seat

for children 4-35 lbs.



ready for anything

When safety is compromised, it’s often due to a break in routine like a last-minute change of schedule or another caregiver stepping in to help. Whatever comes up, you can feel confident your child is safely secured—Sensorsafe will sound an alert if the chest clip is unbuckled. To help assure your child won’t be left unattended, a chime will play if the ignition is switched off and your child is still secured in the back. Not to mention the knowledge that your car seat goes beyond – Evenflo seats are tested for safety beyond industry standards.

Vehicle Compatibility

SensorSafe Technology works on all vehicles 2008 and newer. Use the tool below to check vehicle compatibility and to locate your OBD (On-Board Diagnostic) Port.

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