Baby Proofing Made Easier!

Baby Proofing Made Easier!

Your new little bundle of joy is home! While the excitement of your new addition is unparalleled, it's also completely normal to feel overwhelmed. There are so many things to think about as your baby continues to grow and gain curiosity: Have I prepared enough? Is my home safe? Are there any choking hazards? What can they get into? Good news — we are here to help ease your stress! Our Virtual Baby Proofing Kit Builder is available for you to identify potential troublespots in each room and customize a kit with necessary items to help keep your tiny explorer out of trouble!

Step 1: Click "Shop room by room" to get started.

Step 2: Identify how many of each type of room you have in your home.

Step 3: Use the "hazard spotter" in every room to build your own custom baby proofing kit — it's as easy as that!


The options don’t end there though! To safeguard curious little crawlers and cruisers, we've brought together an entire collection of home baby proofing essentials. Learn a bit more about some of our best sellers below:

Help secure TVs and heavy furniture: When your little one is learning to walk, they naturally steady themselves by grabbing onto whatever is nearby, which can bring furniture tumbling down onto them. Evenflo® TV or Furniture Wall Straps give you a way to secure your heavy furniture or freestanding, flat-panel TV, helping to safeguard against serious injury.

Keep stove knobs from being turned on: From below, your stove knobs will look so tempting to your little one. But there’s no need to remove them — snap on Evenflo® Stove Knob Covers to help prevent your child from turning on your stove burners or oven. 

Discourage poking or prodding of outlets: You breeze past electrical outlets in your home all the time and never think twice about them. But imagine looking at them from floor level — they’re a huge temptation! Before your inquisitive child begins to move around the house, you’ll want to plug our Evenflo® Outlet Covers into place to help prevent your little explorer from inserting fingers or small objects into both 2-prong and 3-prong electrical outlets.

Cushion hard furniture edges: Don’t allow hard edges to take a bite out of your little one! Our Evenflo® Foam Edge Guard adds a soft, high-density foam rubber bumper to hard edges as your budding cruiser learns to navigate your home. High-quality adhesive holds the foam edging in place on furniture, countertops, fireplace hearths and other surfaces. 

Safeguard doorknobs for your explorer: A closed door is a challenge many little explorers will try to overcome. Evenflo® Doorknob Covers help to keep rooms off-limits to inquisitive wanderers. Our doorknob covers are made of high-quality plastic that fits most standard, round doorknob sizes.


By taking these simple steps, you can create a safer environment for your baby to explore and grow. Remember, baby proofing is an ongoing process, so be sure to reevaluate and update as your baby becomes more mobile. We're proud to help you keep your growing little one happy and safe at home — together we can make baby proofing easy and stress-free!

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