Introducing new pets into your family

Introducing new pets into your family

Introducing a new pet into your home can be super exciting for the whole family! Be excited, absolutely! But also keep in mind there are some important factors to consider when making the transition smooth for everyone involved (both humans and furry friends).

Here are a few tips and tricks for introducing a new pet into the home: 

  1. Start slow: The thought of bringing a pet into your home with little ones may be overwhelming to you. But trust us — it will be significantly more overwhelming for your pet. New scents, new sights, big humans, little humans, furniture they’ve never seen before and a new home layout. It’s a lot! Start by introducing your furry friend to one room at a time and gradually expand their space until they start to become comfortable.
  2. Maintain a routine: It’s important to establish a routine with your furry friends so that they begin to pick up on patterns in their day. If you have a young animal, like a puppy or a kitten, they will require regular and frequent bathroom breaks, feedings and playtime. Puppies need to be potty trained and kittens need to learn where their litter box is. Get your kiddos involved by teaching them how to properly feed their new animal best friends!
  3. Supervise interactions: If you have little ones, make sure you supervise every interaction with them and your new pet. Sometimes kiddos don’t understand boundaries, especially when they see their favorite stuffed animal has come to life right before their very eyes — understandable! It’s important to teach your kids these boundaries both for their own safety, as well as the safety of your pet. Your pets will soon begin to learn the house rules, especially if everyone in the family agrees to uphold them!
  4. Provide plenty of resources: Make sure your new pet feels safe and comfortable in their new home by providing them with all the resources they need! Have their water bowl easily accessible, have plenty of toys to keep them busy and entertained and a comfortable bed or blanket for their inevitable and frequent nap times.
  5. Seek help from a pro: If you’re facing any trouble with getting your new pet integrated into your home, it’s okay to ask for help! Consult your veterinarian or an animal behavioral specialist to seek some tips and tricks to aid in the process. Puppy classes are a great way to help extra excited pups learn their basic commands like “sit” and “stay” and “come”. 

Soon enough your new pet will be seamlessly integrated into your family! There’s no better way to get your furry friend out on family adventures than with America’s first modular child and pet travel system: The Evenflo® Pivot Troop™ Child and Pet Modular Travel System. We made sure you have everything you need for more convenient outings with your kiddo — while paying special attention to your doggo! Here’s how easy it is to bring them along: Just drop down the Troop’s ramp to let your four-legged friend into and out of their very own space. The oversized, dividable basket is our largest yet and holds a small dog up to 35 lb, with a separate storage area that holds an additional 10 lb. To maximize space for your essentials when the pup is not with you, just roll down the basket divider to make room for up to 45 lb of storage — diaper bag, shopping bags, you name it!

Because your pup will be excited to join your outings, we’ve added a zippered mesh top and D-ring for your own tether to the basket to help to keep eagerness contained.* This child stroller and car seat combo offers a few more perks for your furry little friend: a water bowl and treats container with lid that connect to stroller frame like a cup holder, as well as a convenient waste bag holder integrated into your removable parent cup holder for timely clean-ups (be sure to load the holder with your own bags before you leave home). Our child and pet stroller folds compactly for stowing in your vehicle or storing at home. Pivot Troop. The way to take your whole troop, so no one is left out of the fun! 

*To avoid injury from your pet falling or sliding out of the basket, you may attach your own pet tether to the D-ring inside the basket. Tether should be 24 in. or less in length.

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