Spooktacular Tips and Tricks for Halloween

Spooktacular Tips and Tricks for Halloween

Happy hauntings! Spooky season is right around the corner and we’re ready to boogie! Celebrating special moments with our loved ones is at the core of what we do here at Evenflo, so we want to share some of our favorite family Halloween moments with you! Get your little ghouls and goblins ready for the most spooktacular time of year!

Gourdeous Costumes

Picking out your costume is arguably THE most exciting part of Halloween. Costumes can be store-bought or homemade, they can be singular or group/family, and they can be simple or very involved — the opportunities are endless! When dressing up your little one, make sure they are in a costume that they’re comfortable in. If it’s too loose, too big or obstructs their view, it’s not the right fit.

Here are some bootiful costumes from our Evenflo family and their families to inspire you:

Employee Bryan A.'s family dressed up as Mario, Luigi and a stop sign

Bryan A.’s family as The Mario Bros and a stop sign

 Evenflo employee, Paulina A.’s family as Tails and Knuckles

Paulina A.’s family as Tails and Knuckles

Employee, Brook L.'s son as Godzilla

Brook L.’s son as Godzilla

Employee, Sergio P.'s family as Batman, Robin and Batgirl

Sergio P.’s family as Batman, Robin and Batgirl

Employee, Justin G.'s daughter as a princess 

Justin G.’s daughter as a princess

Employee, Stephanie M. and her pirate pup

Stephanie M. and her pirate pup

Employee, Jeanine C.'s children and dogs dressed up as cowboys and cows

Jeanine C.’s family as cowboys and cows

Employee, Jeanine C.'s children and dogs dressed up as football players and footballs

Jeanine C.’s family as football players and footballs


When it comes time to trick-or-treating with your little ones, it’s important to stay in well-lit areas that you’re familiar with. Encourage your little ones to wear glow sticks and carry around flashlights. It’s an easy way to get them excited about safety while also keeping them and the group visible to cars that are passing by.

“My youngest loves Halloween, and he loves to dress up. Two years ago, it was all he would talk about in the month leading up to Halloween! Then the night finally came, and he didn’t want to trick-or-treat or talk to any strangers. He sat in our Pivot Xplore Wagon in his costume and didn’t talk to anyone. A couple of months later on a random night he put on a costume and announced that it was time to trick-or-treat. Thankfully, we had a neighbor down the street that we were sure would play along so I sent her a text and we headed out (in December) to trick-or-treat at her house. This time he was ready — he rang the doorbell and gave his best ’trick or treat’. We all had a blast!” - Sarah H.

Wicked Cool Activities

Some little ones may be too young to go trick-or-treating. Not to worry though! There are plenty of fun and festive activities that the whole family can enjoy this Halloween season. Pumpkin painting is a great alternative to pumpkin carving for younger kids. Whether it’s a funny face or a monster of their own design, let their creativity flow!

Employee, Alan B.'s house decorated as a haunted graveyard with skeletons lit up in red

If you’re a house that welcomes trick-or-treaters, let your littles help you hand out candy, or help you put treats into bags or into a bowl in preparation.

A classic family-friendly Halloween movie is a great way to end the night and enjoy a special festive treat.

Some of our Evenflo employees take Halloween decorating to the next level! Alan B. and his family set up an entire haunted graveyard — go big or gourd home!


Hextra Special Memories

We asked our Evenflo family to share what they enjoy most about Halloween with their own families:

“The part I most enjoy about Halloween with family is coming up with a new theme for the decorations in the front yard every year. A lot of times it requires us to make custom-made stuff. It started out small, but in the recent years we have gotten very creative, and the entire neighborhood knows us as the house who goes over the top for Halloween.” - Shane S.

“Our neighborhood has a big Halloween block party. Everyone sets up tables on their driveway — no ringing doorbells! There are treats for adults and kids, and everyone has a great time visiting with friends.” - Sarah H.

“Halloween allows the family to get a bit silly while enjoying time spent with friends, eating too many sweets, and sometimes getting a little spooky.” - Justin G.

“Getting together with our neighbors and trick-or-treating all together! There is usually a group of 20 of us!” - Paulina A.  

Halloween is a great time to make lasting memories with your whole family. From trick-or-treating to watching nostalgic movies and more, every second of your spooky celebrations will be cherished for years to come. What’s your favorite part of Halloween? Join the Evenflo family and share your costumes with us @evenflobaby.

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