What Mother’s Day Really Means

What Mother’s Day Really Means

Mother's Day is a special time dedicated to appreciating the women who have made an impact throughout our lives. Mothers come in all forms and factors: moms, stepmoms, adoptive moms, grandmothers, aunts, cousins, sisters, friends and more. This Mother's Day, we want to reflect on what being a mom really means. Beyond the obvious endless diaper changes and time spent taking care of their kiddo, here are the top-notch qualities that make moms extra special.

Unconditional love: No matter what happens, they'll always be your number one cheerleader. Through the ups and downs of life, moms are a constant. They're there with open arms, ready to embrace during happy moments, sad moments and every moment in between. 

Putting your needs first: Whether it's sleep, personal time or even hobbies — none of it matters as a mom when your child needs you. One of the most important things to them will always be making sure that their kiddos are well cared for and have their needs met.

Patience: Being a mom means having the superpower of patience! Sometimes they need to keep it together even when things get chaotic. Temper tantrums, tears, teenage angst — the works! Raising a child requires infinite patience and the ability to look at these moments with grace and understanding. 

Guidance: They're your biggest role model and first-ever teacher. You follow in their footsteps from an early age, learning right from wrong and how to best navigate life. You look to them for advice when learning how to tie your shoes or trying to decide which college to go to. 

Joy: Moms get pure joy from watching their tiny humans grow and learn right before their eyes. Starting from a newborn and growing all the way into adulthood, they witness so many moments that will bring an immediate smile to their face — and yours! Their smile and laughter will always be infectious.

To gain some different perspectives, we asked a few moms at Evenflo what being a mother means to them: 

Caitlyn S.

“Being a mom means simultaneously being everything for your child, while also learning that it's okay to not be everything for your child. As a mom, I want to be the hands that catch him before he falls. I want to be the arms that pick him up even when I can't catch him. But as a mom, I also have to acknowledge that I can't be that person every time and sometimes I won't be there to catch him before he falls — and that's okay!" 

Amanda P.

“To me, being a mom is feeling more love than I ever thought was possible. I catch myself melting at the funny little anecdotes my kids say, seeing the world through their excited eyes, and stopping to enjoy the simple things. While motherhood is the hardest job I've ever had, it has made me realize my inner strength while increasing my levels of patience and empathy. Caffeine has also become my best friend!”

Brook L.

“To be honest, I was never fully convinced I wanted to be a mother, but then love came along and changed my mind! There are moments when your heart just bursts and what mother isn’t thankful for those? But I’ve also tried to be grateful for ALL the moments, even the challenging ones, because this time we have together is so fleeting and I really want to be present for this darling human I invited into the world. It’s the journey of a lifetime and I’m incredibly grateful for it.”

Despite the inevitable bumps along the road, being a mom is one of the most rewarding experiences. This Mother's Day, take a moment to reflect on how your own mom has shaped your life. Additionally, take the time to acknowledge and celebrate the incredible women who make the world a stronger and happier place.

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