Winter Prep for the Great Indoors

Winter Prep for the Great Indoors

Changing seasons means colder weather and less time spent outside with your little ones. Spending time indoors can be a great opportunity for creativity to bloom! However, it's important to make sure that your home is prepared for your tiny little explorers to thrive. Here are a few ways to make sure your littles stay both safe and occupied indoors this winter:


  1. Baby proof your home: Little ones are curious and bound to get into things they're not supposed to, especially when staying indoors. Our Virtual Baby Proofing Kit Builder is available for you to identify potential troublespots in each room and customize a kit with necessary items to help keep your tiny explorer out of trouble! From doorknob covers to sliding cabinet locks and more, you can create a safer environment for your baby to explore and grow. Remember, baby proofing is an ongoing process, so be sure to reevaluate and update as your baby becomes more mobile.

    For older kiddos, "baby proofing" may look a little different. If your kiddo loves to help you out   in the kitchen, have some kid-friendly kitchen utensils ready to go. If your kiddo loves to read, make sure their favorite books are accessible somewhere that they can safely reach (and make   sure your bookshelves are attached to the wall.) 


  1. Plan fun activities for every age: Baby’s got moves! Give your little bundle of energy a safe, fun place to giggle, wiggle and let you catch your breath. Create an instant play center with a doorway jumper, stationary jumper or activity center. Available in a variety of bright, playful themes, they usually include toys and sounds to engage your baby’s senses, spark their imagination, encourage interaction, and get them moving. They are designed for a growing imagination and to keep your littles safely contained.

    For older kiddos, indoor activities can be a bit more hands-on! Discover something they're interested in and design an activity around that. Dinosaurs? Print out some coloring pages and let them design their own dinosaur. Cooking? Let them help make a child-friendly snack like ants on a log or fruit pizza.

  1. Have a dedicated play space: When toddlers start crawling and walking, they become curious little explorers who love to reach and grab for everything. Create safe boundaries in your home with metal, wood or plastic gates. These can either serve as permanent fixtures or be ready for on-the-go use, depending on the type. Playards and play spaces are other great options to keep little ones contained. They are usually moveable and can be set up in an ideal spot in your home so that you can always keep an eye on your littles.

    For older kiddos, having a dedicated spot for their interests can make all of the difference. For    the future artist, a special spot for their colored pencils, construction paper and more makes it   easy for them to get inspired and create their latest masterpiece. For the future film critic, a kid- friendly account will add ease to every age-appropriate movie night.

Spending time indoors doesn't have to be boring! Instead, have your family brainstorm fun ways to let creativity flow. New snacks, new activities, new hobbies — the opportunities are endless! While you’re at it, just remember to keep an eye out for potential dangers as your little explorers take on new ground.

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