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    Rotational All-in-One Car Seat
    Allows you to extend rear-facing security up to 50 lb

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    Rotational 2-in-1 Car Seat
    Features a streamlined 16.7” footprint to save space

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RECYCLING Plastic bottles WITH EVERY product SOLD

Our Green & Gentle™ Fabric is manufactured using recycled plastic bottles, allowing your baby gear to have a positive impact on the environment.

22 bottles are recycled for every Revolve360™ Slim Car Seat.

26 bottles are recycled for every Revolve360™ Extend Car Seat.

We will continue to expand our Green & Gentle™ collection to include new and innovative products, ranging from travel systems to strollers and more!

HELP MAKE a greener future

The revolution in car seat innovation adds an evolution for a more positive impact on the planet! Our Revolve360™ Car Seats with Green & Gentle™ fabric feature soft, eco-friendly fabric free of added chemicals and flame retardants, and manufactured using recycled plastic bottles.

No added chemicals? Easy choice!

Our Green & Gentle™ Fabric is free of added chemicals and flame retardants, making it a safe and sustainable option for your child! This collection was designed to be both sustainable and fashion-forward, while always keeping safety as a top priority.

Soft to the touch
Green & Gentle™ Fabric is engineered to be soft and gentle to the touch — this was a necessity when creating a recycled fabric made from plastic materials.

No added flame retardants
Our Green & Gentle™ Fabric passes federal flammability regulations without the use of added flame retardant chemicals. Some flame retardants can cause damage to the environment — many do not easily breakdown and can remain for years.

Decomposes in landfill
Green & Gentle™ Fabric has a shorter life span, allowing it to decompose in the landfill (in about half the time when compared to regular fabric).

Here’s what our consumers are saying about it…

Our family is really passionate about sustainability and tries to avoid toxins where we can. I love that this seat used clean fabric, made free from added chemicals, made with recycled plastic bottles.