5TH DAY OF JOY - Whoa! TODAY ONLY: 30% off a highly rated, luxe travel stroller!

5TH DAY OF JOY - Whoa! TODAY ONLY: 30% off a highly rated, luxe travel stroller!

It’s been a minute, so let’s check in on the daily deep discount just revealed by 12 Days of Joy from Evenflo: TODAY ONLY, score 30% off the Evenflo® Gold OttoTM Self-Folding Lightweight Stroller at checkout!  

This is an excellent gift for families who travel or, if they’re expecting, will have a little boo they’ll need to shuttle off to visit grandparents soon. The lightweight Otto self-folds and stands on its own in seconds with just one hand — incredibly helpful on the go. Loaded with features, this stroller also boasts luxe design that’s just icing on a smartly made cake. 

But don’t take our word for it. Otto owners have plenty to say:

“Finally, a stroller I can fold and unfold while holding my baby!”
“It’s so easy to collapse and load into your car with one hand.”
“For ride shares/taxis or check at the airport, it folds easily and quickly.”
“Travel size is very convenient – compact when collapsed but has some heft in use.”
“Sturdy but also incredibly lightweight.”
“I love zippered storage for my keys/wallet/cellphone.”
“This stroller is a stunner!”


Worth noting: Otto made it onto Parents’ coveted ‘Best Baby Gear of 2022’ list earlier in the year. Excellent street cred.

Another plus: Compatibility with Evenflo® Gold SecureMaxTM Infant Car Seat, as well as LiteMaxTM and SafeMaxTM Infant Car Seats.

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