Say hello to a greener future!

Say hello to a greener future!

What do plastic bottles have to do with your child’s future? Everything!

More than 60 million plastic water bottles will be thrown away today in the US — and again tomorrow, and the next day, and the next, and so on.* At Evenflo, we think it’s essential to divert as many plastic water bottles as possible from the landfill in an effort to create the greener future we all want for the next generation.

Our new Green & Gentle™ gear features soft, eco-friendly fabric free of added chemicals and flame retardants and is manufactured using recycled plastic bottles. 

Every Evenflo® Revolve360™ Slim Rotational 2-In-1 Car Seat with Green & Gentle™

= 22 recycled plastic bottles 

Every Evenflo® Revolve360™ Extend Rotational All-In-1 Car Seat with Green & Gentle™

= 26 recycled plastic bottles

Feel good about the gear you’re putting next to your little one! This revolution in car seat innovation adds an evolution for a more positive impact on the planet.

There’s plenty more to love beyond sustainability for your kiddos. With our Revolve360 car seats, one-hand, 360° rotation makes it easy to get your child in and out of the car. These 360° rotating car seats also offer the extended security of rear-facing all the way up to 50 lb. Child safety experts say the longer your child remains rear-facing, the better, and our Revolve360 car seats are here to help with peace of mind all the way around.

No added chemicals. No added flame retardants.** You’re looking for a safe car seat — and the smart car seat choice is a connected car seat. Our Gold Revolve360 car seats will help put your mind at ease when it comes to child car seat safety. They feature SensorSafe™ to connect you to your little one from the backseat. While your eyes are focused on the road, integrated SensorSafe technology alerts you in real-time to four potentially unsafe conditions from your child’s car seat via your phone: unexpected chest clip unbuckling, temperature too hot or too cold in the car, child unattended in the car, and child seated too long.

Install the seat just once for rear-facing and forward-facing modes of use — no need to remove the seat in order to make the switch. Sure360™ Safety Installation System with LockStrong™ and Tether360™, plus a handy bead-level indicator for leveling in seconds, make your one-time installation safe, secure and simple. With the convenience of on-the-go recline, you can adjust the car seat to the perfect angle without having to uninstall or bother your child. 

These are the crème de la crème of swivel car seats. Offering good looks and ease at every turn, Revolve360 with Green & Gentle cradles your child in gold-standard comfort, premium finishes and our eco-conscious fabric. Say hello to a greener future, with Evenflo!

Interested in more of our Green & Gentle products? Check out our collection and join the sustainability revolution! 

*Container Recycling Institute, ‘Plastic Water Bottles Should No Longer Be a Wasted Resource

** Evenflo Green & Gentle™ Fabric is manufactured with no added chemicals or flame retardants.

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