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LiteMax 35

Infant Car Seat

LiteMax 35 Infant Car Seat

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Knoxville Gray (#30512404)
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Child Fit

Weight: 4.0 - 35.0 lbs
Height: 17.0 - 32.0 in

Product Dimensions

Assembled: 19.0" W x 24.0" H x 28.5" D

Modes of Use

Rear-Facing Infant Car Seat


Latch or Seat Belt Installation

Child Fit

Weight: 4.0 - 35.0 lbs
Height: 17.0 - 32.0 in

Product Dimensions

Assembled: 19.0" W x 24.0" H x 28.5" D

Modes of Use

Rear-Facing Infant Car Seat


Latch or Seat Belt Installation

The Easiest Car Seat To Carry

The LiteMax includes a stay-in-car convenience base with an integrated belt lock-off system that helps assure you that the seat is installed correctly while providing a quick and secure connection. Plus, the expanded child weight-rating make it suitable and nationally-recognized by safety advocates for use with lower birth-weight babies.


LiteMax 35 Infant Car Seat
GOOD TO GROW: Accommodates babies weighing 4 – 35 lb and adapts as they grow with 4 shoulder harness positions
LiteMax 35 Infant Car Seat
MANUEVER WITH EASE: Features an extremely lightweight design that makes it easy to pick up, carry, and go about your day
LiteMax 35 Infant Car Seat
TAKE THE PRESSURE OFF: Ergonomic handle makes it more comfortable to carry the car seat in the bend of the arm
LiteMax 35 Infant Car Seat
PROTECT YOUR CARGO: Full coverage canopy shields your little one from the sun, wind and rain

All your Questions Answered

Q. Where is the date and model label?

You can find the date of manufacture, model name and model number on a label found under the infant carrier and on the base.

Q. Where is the user guide stored in this car seat?

The user guide for this car seat can be stored under the seat pad. It is a good idea to keep your user guide with your car seat at all times so you can refer back to this information as needed. Additionally, you may find an electronic copy of your user guide on our website at

Q. I lost the user guide that came with my Evenflo car seat. Can I find one online?

You may find electronic copies of all user guides for Evenflo car seats and booster seats on our website at

Q. I live in Canada. Can I buy a car seat from the US and use it in Canada?

Car seats and booster seats sold in the US may not comply with all Canadian regulatory requirements and, for that reason, may not have the required Maple Leaf label. You should always purchase a car seat that is compliant to the standards of the country in which you live. If you live in Canada, you must use a car seat or booster seat that is compliant to the Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and has the Maple Leaf label.

Q. When I position my infant in her rear-facing car seat, there is a gap between her bottom and the buckle. Is there anything I can do to improve her positioning?

Many Evenflo car seats come with positioning inserts, which should be used per the instructions in your car seat manual. Using the insert that came with your car seat, if available, may help eliminate the gap between your child and the buckle in rear-facing mode.

If the positioning insert does not eliminate the gap, or if your car seat did not come with an optional positioning insert, you may use a small wash cloth to help fill in this gap with Evenflo rear-facing car seats. To use: place your child in the car seat, buckle and tighten the harness so that you cannot pinch any webbing when testing at the child's shoulders. Once tightened, slide the wash cloth in the gap between your child and the buckle.

If needed, you may also use tightly rolled receiving blankets placed next to your child to center them in the car seat. The positioning blankets should never be placed under the child or between the child and the harness. Additionally, the blankets should be positioned at or below the child's shoulder level and away from their mouth, face or neck.

Peace Of Mind

Being a parent has enough stress as it is, that's why we can assure you that we can give you as much time as you need.

Limited 90-Day Warranty
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Supported by ParentLink Consumer Care via chat and email



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This car seat is truly LIGHTWEIGHT which is so crucial when you are carrying around a baby on your arm a lot! I must say, although it's light, it is very well made. The material is easy to wipe. I like the full canopy to block the hot sun from baby's face when we're out and about. The seat easily clicks into place in the base and is easy to lift bRead more about review stating Truly LIGHT!ack out. Again my favorite feature about this seat is it's weight. I have had two C-sections and carrying a baby in a car seat while recovering is tough. Every pound counts!



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