Building An equitable future

We are dedicated to promoting social welfare and creating positive impacts in the communities where we operate. We are prioritizing the well-being, health, and safety of our employees and working towards fostering an inclusive and diverse workplace. We are supporting local initiatives and organizations that address social challenges and contribute to community development.

Charitable Efforts:
We continue to support causes that align with the work we do every day. Our team was able to donate a portion of our sales to make a difference:
Safe Kids Worldwide® | Make a Wish® | Toys for Tots® | Operation Shower

  • Helping all children travel safely

    Evenflo engineers and safety professionals offer insight and experience to offer support for children with disabilities. In collaboration with nationally certified car seat technicians around the country, we evaluate, create and provide services to children and their families to help support their individual transportation needs. From short-term to long-term needs, we are here to help find a solution so all children can travel safely.
    · Just this year, we announced approval for use of the Merritt Manufacturing Chest Clip Guard on a few of our car seats. This product makes it more difficult for a child to unbuckle and escape from their car seat harness.
    · Products like the Revolve360™ Car Seat make it easier for families with a variety of mobility needs to load and unload children into a vehicle safely.

  • Employee-led community impact efforts

    As part of giving back, our employees select community-centric projects that help drive efforts important to them, and that make a difference in their local communities.
    • Canton, MA employees sponsored 18 children for the 2023 Wonderfund Program.
    • Piqua, OH employees participated in the 2023 Salvation Army Angel Tree.
    • Canadian employees donated $200 worth of toys to the 2023 Canada Community Outreach.

  • Responsible Hiring & Inclusion

    At the center of our organization is our people. Evenflo strives to create a diverse workforce, by using inclusionary practices for hiring, that lessen bias and create a fair working environment. We do this through training, DEI forums and through ongoing celebration of customs and practices that welcome a workforce made of differences.

  • Sustainable Practices

    We are committed to finding ways of lessening our footprint throughout our manufacturing efforts. From making the transition to Kraft paper packaging to installing solar panels to upgrading our forklifts to electric, we hope to continue making improvements in our greener consumption efforts.
    · Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI): This initiative aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce waste to landfills and energize operations with clean power. This enables us to better contain and protect our products from damage and support efforts that lead to longer term healthier forests and even longer-term mitigation of climate change.
    · SFI Certified Sourcing: SFI, a non-profit organization, collaborates with our diverse network to help address local and global sustainability challenges. Certified sourcing uses raw material from noncontroversial sources in the supply chain, supports logger training, recycled content, certified forests, and small family forest owners.