Magical little stations for budding imaginations

In the first few months of life, your baby is content to just lie there, comforted by your voice, smiles and tummy tickles. But as soon as they learn to lift up their own head, their senses awaken and they're ready to engage with the world beyond Mom and Dad.

As their curiosity and energy level grow, our Exersaucer line helps you channel them. You’ll love how our collection of activity centers, stationary jumpers and doorway jumpers stimulates minds, muscles and funny bones.


Activity centers make it easy to create a safe, fun, contained center of learning and exercise in your home. Designed with 20+ activities that include lights, sounds and engaging toys, you’ll love the way they light up your child’s eyes and imagination. 

Get Moving

Doorway Jumpers

Doorway jumpers give your little one a safe, fun and comfy place to hang out and work out, without taking up much space. Easy to install (no tools needed), they're the perfect option for parents who need a portable, secure bouncer. Use them from the time your baby can hold their head upright unassisted (approximately 4 months of age) to 24 lb.

Hop On It