About Sensorsafe

SensorSafe is designed to give parents the ultimate peace-of-mind. When you’ve got to focus on the road, the SensorSafe mobile app monitors the well-being of your child through a smart chest clip that syncs up with a vehicle dongle and your smartphone via Bluetooth®. Breathe easier knowing that the SensorSafe mobile app will send you a notification in real-time if:

- Your child unbuckles the chest clip while the car is in motion

- The back seat has become too hot or too cold (above 95° F or below 45° F)

- Your child has been seated for too long (more than 2 hours)

- You’ve accidentally left your child buckled in the car

Our hope is that no one would ever need SensorSafe. However, the reality is that one child dies every nine days from being left in a car.

We see it as a social responsibility to help caregivers and parents prevent these tragedies from happening.

SensorSafe is the only system that has the sensors integrated into the safety-tested car seats chest clip. It offers the widest range of safety notifications of any child car seat technology in the U.S. market.

Just like all chest clips used on all our car seats, the SensorSafe chest clip has been tested to meet or exceed all applicable federal motor vehicle safety standards. The SensorSafe chest clip is compatible only with the seat with which it was purchased and you should never attempt to remove it and use it with another car seat.

The SensorSafe chest clip transmitter is certified safe for use by the U.S. Federal Communication Commission and IC Canada. It transmits an extremely brief, very low power signal no stronger than your car’s keyless remote entry. Please be aware that this product does contain magnets. Before use, consult your family doctor about the compatibility of this product with pacemakers and similar devices.

No. The SensorSafe chest clip is compatible ONLY with the seat with which it was purchased and should not be removed (unless instructed by Parentlink). Currently, SensorSafe is not available for purchase to be added to other seats.

No. SensorSafe is currently available only on certain models of Evenflo Gold and CYBEX car seats and is only designed for use with the seat with which it was purchased.

When the temperature in the car interior reaches 95° F or falls below 45° F, a notification will send.

The SensorSafe app is free to download in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Make sure to set the app to automatically update so you can receive new features as they are released.

Always test out the notifications before using SensorSafe with a child. You will want to make sure that you understand how the notifications work and how to properly set-up SensorSafe on your phone to allow for the notifications and to ensure proper connection to the SensorSafe clip. If anything does not go as expected during this test, contact Parentlink for further guidance.

- Check here to ensure your vehicle and mobile phone are compatible with SensorSafe before purchasing.

- After installing the seat, download the SensorSafe mobile app and follow the directions to set-up SensorSafe. Always begin set-up with the chest clip UNBUCKLED.

- Test out the notifications WITHOUT a child in the seat, to make sure everything works properly and that you’re satisfied with the notification settings.

- If anything does not work as expected, contact Parentlink for further guidance.

You can connect up to seven different car seats, with SensorSafe chest clips, to the app and can designate a unique name for each one so you can distinguish them on your dashboard. The seats will need to be added to each caregiver’s own account and the seats will always connect as long as the user is logged into the app and it’s running in the background.

No, Leaving SensorSafe in the background on your phone will not drain your phones battery. See https://fossbytes.com/closing-background-apps-save-battery/

Not yet. We are considering this feature, but it is not yet available.

Not yet. We are considering this feature, but it is not yet available.

Yes, the SensorSafe chest clip will connect to the vehicle dongle — with or without the mobile app. The dongle will chime every time the vehicle is turned off and a buckled chest clip is detected, as a reminder that the child is in the vehicle. The dongle will also chime if a SensorSafe chest clip is unbuckled while the vehicle is in motion. For other types of notifications (such as Temperature & Child Alone Notifications), the SensorSafe mobile app must be used.

iOS 10.0 and up Android 5.0 and up.

- On an Android device:

1. Go to the Google Play Store

2. Select “My Apps & Games”

3. Find the SensorSafe app on the list

4. Select “Update”

5. If no update is shown, you are using the latest version of the app

- On an Apple device:

1. Go to the Apple App Store

2. Select “Updates”

3. Find the SensorSafe app on the list

4. Select “Update”

5. If no update is shown, you are using the latest version of the app

- You can always check which version of the SensorSafe app you are using by opening the app, navigating to the settings tab and scrolling to the bottom of the page. The Version and Build number are displayed there and can be compared to the latest version number available on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

No, the app only captures your location in the moment a Child Alone Notification sends. This location is stored only until the emergency contacts have been notified.

The app only asks for permissions which are required for its functions: to access the user’s location and the permission to give notifications. The app will only save information regarding location of the child alone in the car, and then only until the emergency contacts are informed. We cannot access the motion profile of the user. Regarding the Family Members, the app has no automatic access to the user’s contacts on his or her smartphone. Instead, the user must manually add specific information regarding their Family Members to the app. For further questions, contact Parentlink.

No, this is only offered as a convenience to use your Facebook login information for your SensorSafe account. The SensorSafe mobile app does not use any other information from your Facebook account and does not send or post anything to Facebook.

- Consult the SensorSafe instructional pages in your products manual.

- Look through the Manuals, FAQs and Videos available on the SensorSafe mobile app.

- Contact Parentlink for any general questions you may have or to schedule a video support session.

- Write to support@sensorsafeapp.com for more detailed technical questions related to the mobile app.