Building An innovative future

We believe in the power of innovation to drive sustainable change. We are investing in research and development to find innovative solutions that minimize environmental impacts, enhance energy efficiency, and improve the sustainability performance of our products and services. We are also regularly evaluating our practices, setting targets, and striving for continuous improvement in our sustainability efforts for generations to come.

Help make a greener future! Our Green & Gentle gear features soft, eco-friendly fabric free of added chemicals and flame retardants, manufactured using recycled plastic bottles.

New products

We’re committed to keep designing smart, innovative gear to make life easier, safer and more comfortable at home and on the go. In 2024, we hope to expand our Green & Gentle collection with new and innovative products.

The Green & Gentle Fabric has been a monumental step towards creating more sustainable practices for our team. Recycled plastic bottles? No added chemicals or flame retardants? Seems like a no-brainer to us! We’re excited to keep innovating and finding new ways to integrate these practices into our future gear.


AVP of Product Innovation

Packaging efforts

Moving to Kraft papers instead of white paper