Easy Walk-Thru Clear Gate Support

Clearly the stylish choice for today’s modern home, the Evenflo® Easy Walk-Thru Clear Gate is an ideal solution for keeping children and pets out of rooms you want to keep off limits. Designed to fit standard width openings, this 29 in. (73.66 cm) gate accommodates doorways measuring 30 in. to 32.5 in. (76 cm to 82.5 cm). Offering the ultimate in flexibility, the gate comes with an extension piece for wider 35 in. to 37.5 in. (89 cm to 95 cm) openings. Just slide back and lift up the handle to swing the gate open with ease. The gate swings in both directions, making it ideal for high-traffic areas. A Red Safety Lock Indicator lets you know the gate is securely closed before you walk away. The pressure-mount installation sets up in no time — simply twist to tighten the gate into place. (Not appropriate for blocking stairways.)

It’s been 100 years and Evenflo continues to push the boundaries in baby and children’s gear design and innovation. We meet the needs of new generations of parents by focusing on what they really care about: leading-edge safety, smart design and technology, and convenient features that help them enjoy the journey of parenthood.

  • Product Dimensions

    37.5 x 29.0 x 1.0 in

    Package Dimensions

    2.0 x 29.75 x 31.25 in

    Product Weight

    11.6 lbs.

    Package Weight

    14.2 lbs.

    Assembly Required


    Hardware Included


  • Care

    • Cleaning Instructions: Carefully read all instructions and warnings on the product, product labels, and instruction manuals before use. Keep instructions for future reference. Wash gate with mild soap and warm water and dry thoroughly before using. Metal and plastic parts can be wiped clean with a soft damp cloth and dried with a soft cloth. DO NOT use abrasive cleaners or solvents.


    Steel And Acrylic

Gate Specifications

Opening Size Min

30 inches

Opening Size Max


Mount Type


Opening Type


Use Cases

Toddler, Pet, Indoor

Walk-Thru Door



What are the dimensions of the Clear Gate?

29 in. H x 37.5 in. W x 1 in. D (73.6 cm H x 95 cm W x 2.5 cm D)

What size is the clear panel?

14.2 in. W x 26.8 in. L (35.9 cm W x 67.9 cm L)

What size door openings does this gate fit into?

Standard openings measuring 30 - 32.5 in. (76 - 82.5 cm) and with extension piece 35 - 37.5 in. (89 - 95 cm) openings.

What size is the extension panel?

The extension panel is 5.5 in. wide (13.9 cm).

How wide is the walk through portion of the gate?

The walk through portion of the gate is 22.5 in. wide (57.1 cm).

How is the clear gate mounted?

The gate is a pressure mounted gate used with mounting caps that can be adhered or screwed to the wall or doorframe.

Can the clear gate be used at the top of stairs?

This gate is not to be used at the top of stairs.

Can an extension panel be added to make the gate larger?

Yes, there is one extension panel that is included with this gate.

How many extension panels are included?

There is one extension panel included with this gate.

How does the extension panel lock into place?

The extension panel is connected with the extension pins. The panel can be installed on either side of the gate using the pins.

Are you able to buy an additional extension panel?

No, only one extension panel is included and can be used on this gate.

Are any tools required to assemble the Clear Gate?

No tools are required. Pressure mount bumpers quickly twist to tighten, making installation easy. The mounting hardware included with this gate: mounting caps (4), adhesive mounting pads (4), extension pins (2), adjustment bumpers (4), wrench (1). You do not need to use the wrench, but it does help with twisting the pressure mount bumpers. Also included with this gate are wall anchors; this is optional if you would like to mount to drywall.

Can the mounting caps be screwed into place?

The mounting caps come with adhesive to stick them on the door or wall opening. Alternatively, you can anchor them to the wall or door opening with optional screws and anchors that come with the gate (see instructions).

Can the gate stay open or does it auto close?

The gate will start to auto close once it is opened unless it is held open.

Does the door swing open both ways?

Yes, the door swings open in both directions.

How do you open the clear gate?

Open with one-handed ease—slide the button while lifting the gate door slightly and swing the gate. The gate will open in both directions.

Can the Clear Gate be used with pets?


Can I order replacement parts?

To order replacement parts, please either contact our Parent Link Consumer Resource Center at 1-800-233- 5921 or visit parts.evenflo.com. Any of our representatives will be happy to assist you.