It’s a level of baby gear that’s so safe and smart, you don’t have to think about it. Evenflo Gold rises to your high parenting standards, knows what you value most, and gets where you’re going. Most products in our Evenflo Gold collection are designed with SensorSafe™ technology and are safety tested well beyond industry standards. Take our products for a spin and see why Evenflo Gold redefines “best.”

Most Evenflo Gold product is designed with SensorSafe Technology™ for the ultimate parental peace-of-mind. When you’ve got to focus on the road, the Evenflo Gold app monitors the well-being of your child through a smart chest clip that syncs up with a vehicle receiver and your smartphone. Breathe easier knowing that SensorSafe app will alert you in real-time if:

Your child unbuckles the chest clip while the car is in motionThe back seat has become too warm or too coldYour child has been seated for too long, orYou’ve accidentally left your child buckled into the car.

Yes—your Evenflo Gold product comes with a lifetime warranty. All you have to do is activate it. Simply register your product within 3 months of purchase and you’ll be all set to receive:

Lifetime Warranty, Premier ParentLink Consumer Care, Live Chat Support, and Accident Replacement for Car Seats

Evenflo Gold Consumer Care is here for you. Our experts are parents, too. So we get your priorities, your high standards, and your need for the very best service and support. So feel free to reach out to us from 8 am to 5pm via phone or chat. Or drop us an email anytime you have a question.

Learn how to install your Evenflo Gold car seat like a pro by scheduling a video chat appointment with one of our certified car seat safety technicians.

Free standard shipping is available for all Evenflo Gold orders when you checkout with the exception of orders containing Evenflo Gold items currently in our Outlet.

Check out the instruction manual included in your product box or download one here.

We’ve got your back with complimentary video-installation help from our team of trained experts at ParentLink. Schedule your appointment here:

We’re so glad you asked. We’ve done our homework—and then some. Evenflo Gold car seats are rigorously tested and put through the paces well beyond government safety standards.

Our ParentLink team is happy to assist you—simply call 1-800-233-2229.

Follow these simple tips:

Remember to do some simple, regular maintenance. From time to time, check the hinges and folding areas. If you hear any squeaking or feel tension, contact ParentLink for repair and/or replacement options.

For fabric materials, we suggest wiping down your stroller’s seat fabric in cold water with a mild detergent. Be sure not to use solvents, caustic or abrasive cleaning materials (and never use chlorine bleach!)

Keep Plastic/Metal Parts in great shape by occasionally wiping the down using a mild soap and warm water.

Keep your wheels fresh and fluid by cleaning them with a damp cloth. Dry them completely with a soft towel or cloth.

When you create an account at, your tracking information will be stored with you order history. FYI, it may take up to 24 hours for tracking information to be updated by the carrier. Have any questions about order tracking? Reach out to the Evenflo ParentLink team at: 1-800-233-2229  

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