Revolve360 Family - One-Hand, 360 spin. Extended protection. Space saving. Nobody does it better. Image of child in Revolve360 Convertible Car Seat with mom rotating seat.
Gif of Revolve360 Convertible Rotational Car Seat rotating 360 degrees.


No spin, just facts: Nobody does it better than Revolve360 — America’s bestselling rotational car seat.* We listened to the families whose lives changed for the better as Revolve360 owners, then designed two spin-offs that can do even more. So join the revolution. There’s a Revolve360 just for you!

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Car Seat of the Future

Absolutely LOVE the 360 rotation of this car seat. For safety we want to keep my littlest rear-facing as long as possible and this car seat can support up to 50 lbs rear-facing, which is the highest weight I’ve seen. We carpool with my oldest friend sometimes and he is forward-facing so I can easily rotate the seat to accommodate him. This makes my life so much easier… Plus all the kids love spinning into the safe position after climbing in.

— Kelly S.


360° rotation makes it very easy to put my son in and take him out of his seat while facing me, so I am not struggling at an angle like with most traditional car seats… We love that we don’t have to take out and reattach the entire seat to switch from rear-to-front facing and vice versa. We also like the slim profile! This car seat does not take up as much space so we can fit another car seat in the back and an average person can sit comfortably between the two seats. — Ceci

The greatest toddler car seat of all time

Do you struggle with car seat battles? Are you bending over breaking yourself in two to put your child in their seat?… that was me! I know it sounds simple but the swivel, the cup holders, the easy belts, it has completely changed our experience. — Erin K.



Easy Ins and Outs

Revolve360 Extend

Extended rear-facing to 50 LB

Revolve360 Slim

Backseat Space Saving

One-Hand, 360 Spin
One-Hand, 360 Spin Rear-facing mode Forward-facing mode Booster mode Rear-facing mode Forward-facing mode
Smart Safety Technology
Smart Safety Technology No SensorSafe™ on select models
Rear-Facing Max Weight
Rear-Facing Max Weight 40 lb 50 lb
Zip-On Ergonomic Leg Rest
Zip-On Ergonomic Leg Rest No No
Profile / Width
Profile / Width Standard 19.5 in. Only 16.7 in.
Why Buy a Revolve360
Why Buy a Revolve360 Easy in and out in all modes, 360° spin The slimmest rotational car seat on the market — with cupholders and extended rear-facing protection up to 50 lb.

*SOURCE: The NPD Group / Retail Tracking Service / US / Car Seats / Revolve360 / YTD June 2022. Seats priced $300 and above.