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Pivot Xplore Dreamz All-Terrain Stroller Wagon with Bassinet Insert Support

Adventuring can take a lot out of a little one! Be ready for naptime on the go with the Pivot Xplore™ Dreamz All-Terrain Stroller Wagon with Bassinet Insert. Designed for children from 6 months to 33 lb, the bassinet insert lets your little one take a break from the action comfortably, then tucks out of the way until the next catnap. This all-terrain ride accommodates up to two children ages 6 months to 5 years, with each seat holding a child up to 55 lb (110 lb total). As with our bestselling Pivot Xplore, the Xplore Dreamz transforms with a flip of the three-position, telescoping handle, allowing you to push as a stroller or pull as a wagon even as your child nods off in the bassinet insert. Larger UPF 50+ canopies expand from 2 to 3 panels with a quick unzip to help protect your child against the sun’s harmful rays, while breathable mesh helps to keep naptime comfortable. A newly extended footwell gives energetic little legs extra room. With 3-point harness secured, the rugged, all-terrain wheels take your family adventure from pavement to beach and beyond, while the wagon’s 27 in. width fits through most doorways with ease. For more flexible seating, the Xplore Dreamz accepts a toddler seat or infant car seat adapter (both sold separately). To keep little gigglers busy, the included BPA-free child tray features two cup holders. Mesh pockets store snacks, toys and items you want to keep within reach. An additional, detachable storage basket includes pop-out cup holders for adults. Elastic straps on the side of the wagon hold everything from umbrellas to water bottles to keys. The front of the wagon drops down with the press of a button for easy in and out. Quick, easy, compact fold makes your Xplore Dreamz a breeze to pack up for travel. From adventure to naps, you’re ready for a full day of fun.

It’s been 100 years and Evenflo continues to push the boundaries in baby and children’s gear design and innovation. We meet the needs of new generations of parents by focusing on what they really care about: leading-edge safety, smart design and technology, and convenient features that help them enjoy the journey of parenthood.

  • Contents

    1 stroller wagon frame, 2 canopies, 1 storage basket, 1 bassinet insert, 1 snack tray

    Product Dimensions

    27.5 x 39.0 x 45.0 in

    Folded Dimensions

    27.5" W x 34" D x 39" H

    Package Dimensions

    22.25 x 31.5 x 12.75 in

    Product Weight

    43.0 lbs.

    Package Weight

    45.0 lbs.

    Harness Type

    3-point harness

    Assembly Required


    Hardware Included


  • Care

    • Clean minor spills and stains on cloth or plastic surfaces with cold water and mild soap. Air dry.
    • Metal and plastic parts can be wiped clean with a soft damp cloth and dried with a soft cloth. DO NOT use abrasive cleaners or solvents.



  • Pivot Xplore Dreamz All-Terrain Stroller Wagon with Bassinet Insert Support Specifications

Stroller Specifications

Self Standing Fold


UPF 50+ Sun Protection Canopy


Compact Fold


Lockable Front Wheels


Accepts Rider Board


Number of Cup Holders


Single to Double Capable


Lockable Front Wheels


Accepts Infant Car Seat


Wheel Material


Stroller Type



Does this stroller wagon have suspension?

While there is no suspension, the wheels are intended to provide a smooth ride for both the parent and child.

Is an adapter needed for use with an infant car seat? If so what car seats is it compatible with?

Yes, the infant car seat adapter is sold separately and is required for use with the stroller wagon. The Xplore Car Seat Adapter is compatible with the Evenflo LiteMax, SafeMax or Gold SecureMax infant car seats.

Will it fold with the toddler seat attached?

No, the stroller wagon is not able to fold with toddler seat attached.

Does it accept two car seats?

The Xplore Dreamz Wagon can only be used with one infant car seat.

Are other Evenflo toddler seats compatible?

The Xplore Dreamz Wagon only accepts the Xplore Toddler Seat, sold separately.

How many kids does this fit?

The stroller wagon is designed to fit two kids.

What is the minimum age of use for wagon mode?

The child must be 6 months of age and able to sit upright unassisted to use the wagon.

What are the dimensions of the footwell?

The dimensions are 17 in. x 13.5 in.

Can the sleep insert be used for overnight sleep?

The bassinet insert should only be used on the stroller wagon, and never for overnight sleep. It is not an overnight sleeping bassinet. Please refer to instructions for proper use.

What accessories are compatible?

The Pivot Xplore Dreamz Wagon is compatible with the Xplore Toddler Second Seat and Xplore Infant Car Seat Adapter.

At what age should you stop using the bassinet insert?

The bassinet insert is for children from 6 months up to 33 lb.

Are replacement wheels available?

Yes, please visit our ParentLink Replacement Part Store at to buy and search for replacement parts.

What is the warranty on this product?

The warranty is for 90 days from the original date of delivery to the consumer with a receipt.

Do canopies provide UV protection?

Yes, canopies have UPF 50-plus to help shield children from the sun.

Is it possible to remove the canopies?

Yes, these canopies are easily removable for your convenience. To remove canopy, press on tab and slide canopy back.

How much does the stroller wagon weigh?

The stroller wagon weighs 34.7 lb.

Is the handle adjustable?

The stroller wagon features a 3-position telescoping handle that easily changes from push to pull mode. To extend, squeeze the button on the handle and pull out until it locks into your desired position.

How do you change from stroller mode to wagon mode?

To convert from stroller to wagon mode, lock both rear wheels. Locate flip release on parent's handle, rotate out while lifting handle up to wagon mode. Squeeze adjustable handle button and push to fully retract until it locks in place.

How do you attach the bassinet insert to the stroller wagon?

Remove the bassinet insert from behind the storage basket. Unzip both sides and pull the hook and loop flap to fully unfold. Rotate the support bar at the bottom of bassinet insert. Place the bassinet insert into the stroller wagon, aligning the cloud icons on the side of the wagon. Zip the bassinet insert completely into the wagon to cover the wagon seats. Attach the bassinet brackets to the t-slots on both sides of the stroller wagon. Push the bassinet brackets into the slots until both sides click into place.

What are the measurements of the bassinet insert when assembled?

The bassinet insert is 32 in. L x 15 in. W when assembled in the wagon.

How do you fold the stroller wagon?

Adjust handle to lowest position. Lower front of wagon down using easy entry release lever. Standing in front of product, squeeze fold release lever on both sides of frame and pull up into self-standing position. Walk around to the back, lean the wagon on its rear wheels, squeezing one side of the release lever once more for compact fold.

Is the bassinet insert available as a replacement part?

Yes, please contact our ParentLink Consumer Resource Center at 1-800-233-5921 and any of our representatives will be happy to assist you, or visit our ParentLink Replacement Part Store at to buy and search for replacement parts.

How do you remove the bassinet insert?

To remove the bassinet insert, pull the brackets up from the t-slots on both sides of the wagon. Unzip the bassinet insert and remove it from the stroller wagon. Turn the support bracket at the bottom of bassinet insert. Fold bassinet insert and zip both sides. Attach the hook and loop flap to complete.

How do you fold the bassinet insert?

After removing from the stroller wagon, turn the support bracket at the bottom of bassinet insert. Fold the bassinet insert and zip both sides. Attach the hook and loop flap to complete.

Can the bassinet insert be used with the original Pivot Xplore?

The bassinet insert is not compatible with the original Pivot Xplore.

How big are the pop out cup holders?

The cup holders are 4 in. W x 4 in. D.

Is this compatible with the rider board accessory?

The Pivot Xplore Dreamz Wagon is not compatible with the stroller rider board.

Are the pop out cup holders removable?

The pop out cup holders located in the storage basket are not removable.

How do you unfold the stroller wagon?

Stand product up in self-stand mode. While holding the handle with your right hand, squeeze fold release lever with your left hand. Holding fold release lever in, begin to press down with your right hand. Lift back of wagon frame until both sides click in place and the lock indicators show green. Next, lift front of wagon frame until both sides click in place. Press on frame to make sure it is securely locked in place.

Are the stroller dimensions theme park approved?

Please always check with the specific park you are going to directly for their guidelines and restrictions.

What is the difference between Pivot Xplore Dreamz and Pivot Xplore?

The Pivot Xplore Dreamz provides a sleep space for naps on-the-go with the included sleep insert. In addition, it features larger canopies and an extended footwell.

Can I bring this stroller wagon on a plane?

While the Pivot Xplore is too big to fit in the overhead compartment of a plane, it is able to be gate checked.

What are the stroller wagon wheels made of?

The wheels are made of Urethane and can handle various terrain.

What are the care instructions?

For minor spills and stains on cloth or plastic surfaces wipe with cold water and soap. Air Dry. Metal parts can be wiped clean with soft damp cloth. Wipe with dry cloth. Do not use abrasive cleaners or solvents.

Is the bassinet insert machine washable?

The bassinet insert is not machine washable. For minor spills and stains, wipe with cold water and soap. Air dry.

Is there a storage bag?

The Xplore Dreamz does not come with a storage bag.

Does the bassinet insert fit a bassinet sheet?

The bassinet insert features a quilted surface replacing the need for a sheet. Use only the pad provided by the manufacturer. Never add a pillow, comforter, or another mattress for padding.

What is the max weight of use for this stroller wagon?

Each seat can hold up to 55 lb. The stroller wagon can hold up to 120 lb with storage.

Is the bassinet insert mattress pad waterproof?

While the mattress is not waterproof, it is water resistent.

What is the weight capacity of the storage basket?

The storage basket will hold up to 10 lb.

Can the wagon fold with the bassinet insert attached?

The bassinet insert should be removed prior to folding.

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