bold move, baby

Once again, Evenflo is changing the game with a car seat that rotates 360 degrees. Now getting your child in and out of the car is a breeze—in any vehicle, in all modes of use.


a whole new   way to get around

easy in, easy out

No more awkward reach, lift and extra strain on your back. With a push of a button, you can rotate the seat to easily load or unload your child face-to-face.


grow with   gold

The Revolve360 is designed for easy, convenient rotation in all modes of use


4 — 40 lb
for infants
and toddlers


22 — 65 lb
for children
at least 2 years old


40 — 120 lb
for children
at least 4 years old


360 degrees of
ease and safety

Install the Revolve360 once, and you're good to go—the Sure360™ Safety Installation System with LockStrong™ and Tether360™ keeps it safe, secure and simple


on-the-go   recline

Adjust your child for maximum comfort, without having to re-install the seat or bother your baby


the gold

Premium fabrics, finishes and cushioning surround your baby with everyday comfort and luxurious fit and feel